If you’re looking for ways to raise your 2020 spirits, then you’re in luck. WWE legend nZo, aka Enzo Amore, is giving loyal fans around the world some good news to wrestle with, and an opportunity to connect with him in a more intimate way than ever before. The two-time Cruiserweight Champion became the first pro wrestler to join Only Fans, where he is launching his wrestling school on Tuesday, July 7. 

Enzo – who became the top selling brand and entity of the largest wrestling promotion in the world during his rookie year – is continuing to shake things up in the ring as he ventures over to Only Fans. The platform will never be the same once the fan-favorite, WWE sensation enters the scene and shakes things up with You Can’t Teach That, Inc. where aspiring wrestlers and WWE devotees will have the chance to learn the singular most important skill that can’t be taught: #GETOVER! 

This unique opportunity will give Enzo the privilege of interacting with those who helped build and shape his career: the fans. Having spent his entire life training with and under the tutelage of some of the greatest minds in the history of pro wrestling, the character of “Enzo Amore” was thoroughly thought out and carefully executed with the help, loyalty, and endless support of fans. Now, it’s Enzo’s turn to give back and express his gratitude. He’ll be peeling back the curtain and giving his followers a never-before-scene glimpse into his world. There’s never been a more significant time to think outside of the box, innovate, and keep soaring to greater heights, which is what Enzo intends to do via his Only Fans page. 

Enzo is eager and ready to show up for his real fans. Subscribe to his page for free and join the journey! Don’t miss out on his epic wrestling school and more lucky chances to engage with him on a deeper level than ever before. In addition to learning his go-to tips and tricks, Enzo will also be letting fans in on the real stories behind some of the most jaw-dropping moments in his career, reflecting on highlight moments that shaped his path as a rock star, rap star and pro wrestler, and revealing the secrets behind his multi-million dollar success in the WWE without being in the main event. Click here to subscribe so you never miss a post – and that’s amore!