If you’re looking to restore your high-end home, but you don’t want to leave it in the hands of just anyone, look no further than Elite Roofing & Restoration Services. This company provides top-notch service that makes sure that it takes care of your home and give it the care that it deserves. 

In the roofing and restoration industry, corruption and fraud is a huge problem, and you can’t be too callous with who you pay to fix up a big investment like your home, especially when that home costs upward of 1 million dollars. Thankfully, there’s a leader in the industry that will provide you with the elite and private client experience that you expect and deserve.

You can leave your home in their very capable hands for all your needs, whether that be for a composition roof, all specialty roofing, large commercial roof system, guttering, and exterior and interior replacements. Whatever you need for your home, you can guarantee that they can deliver with exceptional service and genuine care. Driven by their Core Values of Impact, Expertise, Integrity, and Growth, Elite Roofing & Restoration Services is set apart from their competitors in all the best ways.

This is due in no small part to the president of the company himself. Josh Sutton, originally from Grand Junction, Colorado, is a former airline captain with over 5,000 hours of domestic and international aviation. He has been in the roofing and restoration industry since 2008, giving him over 13 years’ worth of experience. He has supervised both residential and commercial projects, and his diverse repertoire guarantees that his clients receive the utmost care and devotion with their roofing challenges. 

His passion for this industry translates to correct, quality, and proper work. This also applies to his elite team, who are exceptionally committed to delivering the best that they can offer. They are highly trained individuals who are the best at installation and who value attention to detail, all while treating customers with the concierge-level service and professional experience that they deserve.

Elite Roofing & Restoration Services is partnered and certified with multiple manufacturers, and they buy directly from the distributor, which guarantees high-quality materials. They provide honest information and practice proactive response and effective communication, so you’re always in the know and never left wondering how the work is coming along. And if you need more clarifications or help, they are always accessible.

Elite Roofing & Restoration Services has a four-step process, and they make sure that it’s all smooth sailing and stress-free from start to finish. First, they do an Elite360 inspection of your roof for all storm-related damages, then they meet with your adjuster, review important documents, and order selected materials, and finally, they schedule the project with efficient production.

With Josh as the pilot, he’ll steer his elite team in the right direction. You’ll never regret leaving your home in Elite Roofing & Restoration Services’ very capable hands.

Check out their website EliteTeamRoofing.com for more information.