When Dr. Ravi Patel began his search to find himself and lift himself out of the situations that pulled him down, he saw chiropractic care not only as a life-long mission but as a way of lifting others and changing their lives completely.

When he was young, he knew he was unlike other kids in his school. As a first-generation American born in Chicago, Illinois, he was sent to a boarding school in India. Far from his family, Patel always questioned himself and what he can do. He was not academically talented. Patel struggled and had a hard time catching up with the lessons at hand. While the rest of the class understood, he barely even started. While it was something that could weaken Patel, he chose to overcome it instead. He focused on becoming better. He reads while the rest of the class is playing. He studies his lessons every night before going to class. And that’s how he realized. He can become greater than he can ever imagine. He learned to read and write in three different languages, and more than that, he knew he was set out to become someone, someday. Yet again venturing into a small town called Brussels, Wisconsin for High school where he studied at Southern Door, Patel was slowly gaining experience in the places that he has visited.

It all began from there. Dr.  Patel completed a Bachelor of Science in Biology at Loyola University and a Masters in Public Health at Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. He also worked as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) to help people, and this is where his passion for helping people began.

Expanding his growth and developing an interest in medicine, he took the MCAT and impressed everyone in the medical field as he scored in the 97th percentile. He then took the first step towards pursuing his career in Chiropractic Medicine at Life Chiropractic College West in 2016. Throughout his path, he became more passionate about spreading awareness on the importance of chiropractic care. And so, with the potential of social media being a powerful tool in reaching more people in just a short time, he started posting on Instagram.

He writes posts, upload videos, and post images that emphasize the significance of chiropractic care as an option for health and wellness. His purpose was even enriched when he went to Mumbai, India. He saw how critical chiropractic care is in India. However, not everyone has the resources to do so. Because of his growing passion to not only spread awareness but also give back to the community, Patel committed to coming back every year to offer chiropractic care. 

Fast forward to today, Dr. Ravi Patel has made a name for himself as a strong advocate of chiropractic care in the community. Since then, he has been bringing awareness of what chiropractic care can do to individuals through his influence on social media with a combined followers of over 400 thousand. He has also worked with the biggest brands in health and wellness, allowing him to provide the best technology among his clients. 

Indeed, Dr. Ravi Patel showed that in the process of finding yourself and lifting yourself, you could lift everybody else in the process, impacting them and changing their lives completely.

You can follow him on Instagram @dr.ravi.patel or visit his website at drravipatel.life.