This independent Canadian rapper is known as a gifted and skillful hip hop lyricist for his dense flows and quality-driven artistry.

For D’NME, quality over quantity.  Up-and-coming rappers constantly put out music without spending enough time in the studio perfecting their craft. As long as they drop a new track, even when there are bars that are corny, they put it out. Today, the rap industry has little variety. At the moment, a lot of rap songs out there carry the same concept, sound, and style. It’s undeniable that some songs have a similarity with the rest. The industry lacks authenticity, artistry and quality. That’s what D’NME is doing to set himself apart from the rest.

D’NME believes in making music that is timeless. For him, putting out a lot of tracks are worth a dollar, but a quality track is gold. D’NME does not release a track without carefully crafting each song and he makes sure he does not create the same thing as a lot of rap artists are doing, and he doesn’t plan to quit. He continues to grow and inspire.

He first burst onto the underground Toronto rap scene in the late 2000’s with his first mixtape The Death Of Me. With the emergence of the digital music market, D’NME took the opportunity and independently released his second mixtape No Absence Of Malice in 2012 and it even garnered him considerable recognition online. In that same year, D’NME recorded an intro freestyle for Hip Hop legend Sway Calloway, which was aired on Sway’s world-famous show, Sway In The Morning on SiriusXM Shade45.

In 2013, D’NME released music videos for his songs, Can’t Nobody Do It My Way, and Out In The Morning. He also made several appearances on various underground mixtapes and was featured in the Indie Grind Spotlight section of Hip Hop Weekly’s magazine.

A year later, D’NME worked with Grammy Award Winning producer, Omen from Harlem New York, and Atlanta-born producer Jon Bonus. Omen and Jon Bonus assisted D’NME in taking his music to the next level sonically.

In 2015, D’NME released his third mixtape titled I Smell Blood In The Water hosted by Southern Smoke founder, DJ Smallz. He then followed up with his online smash Bad AF featuring Adam Duncan. His 2017 EP Number One With A Bullet garnered a great amount of attention and respect online. The project has been featured on blogs such as 50 Cents’ Thisis50, ‪‬, and ‪‬. The EP displays D’NME’s rapid-fire flow and his stellar wordplay. His recent singles Winning At The Races and Used To Be, have reached over 400,000 streams on Spotify. In 2019 D’NME became the first Canadian rapper to receive “Freestyle Of The Week” on DogHouse Radio in New York. 

D’NME has gained all these accolades while remaining independent. He does not want to alter the way he’s doing what he’s doing. D’NME is focused on driving the energy back towards quality-driven rap songs.

With his newest release, Untouchable, D’NME shows why he is one of the most exceptional lyricists in recent memory and has everything it takes to be one of Hip Hop’s brightest stars.