As America’s #1 mixtape DJ ignites the hip-hop scene with the latest single “Privacy,” DJ Hard Hitta is combining tech and music. Featuring the two biggest battle rappers of the era, T-Top and Scotty, “Privacy” is set to take hip-hop and rap enthusiasts into the “Feel Good Vibe.”

DJ Hard Hitta is a legendary staple from Houston, Texas. Being a member of Coast2Coast Mixtape, the biggest mixtape coalition in the world, he gained a great following all over America, Europe, and Australia. Smashing over 300 mixes and countless exclusives, he is known worldwide as the “Back Spin King.”

Being a legendary mixtape DJ, he has performed at events such as the 4th of July at the Statue of Liberty, SXSW, Warehouse Live, The Cannabis Cup, and Berner’s Annual 420 event. 

He is a key for introducing records to the masses. As such, he has worked with Rap-A-Lot records, Sauce Walka, Nipsey Hussle, Fetty Wap, and Rick Ross, to name a few. He is also the operation manager at Cypher Records, a record label created by the royal family of South Korea.

There is so much to expect from the legendary DJ Hard Hitta, by igniting the hip-hop/rap scene with his latest single “Privacy.” Setting the world into a state of shock with its lyrics, as it tackles the importance of privacy. It is currently in rotation at Shade 45 and The Heat on SiriusXM. It has been played in over 40 stations across the US.

Privacy’s official music video exclusively premiered on WorldstarHipHop’s Youtube. The video is currently being aired at Revolt TV and BET Jams. Available across all mediums, DJ Hard Hitta is making an impact with “Privacy,” while creating “A Feel Good Vibe” over live bass guitar played by producer Michael Banks (Mike B Tracks). 

While working for record labels made him collaborate with other artists and bring them success, DJ Hard Hitta is in the process of creating and producing his music. By launching his own label Hard Hitta Inc., LLC., he is in the conquest of taking the hip-hop/rap scene, instead of breaking music for other artists. 

Aside from his passion for music, he formed HardHitta Nation as an evolution of his endeavor in the business industry. He is now an investor at Boogerz, a vegan, organic cannabis line. Having performed at The Cannabis Cup, DJ Hard Hitta had seen the event as an opportunity to promote the positive effects of cannabis and break the stigma associated with it.

By ensuring a vegan, and organic Booger strain, Boogerz is a platform that provides therapeutic benefits for those in need of creativity boost, and in dealing with stress and anxiety. DJ Hard Hitta’s partnership with Boogerz is his advocacy towards the beneficial effects of cannabis on wellness. 

There is no doubt that DJ Hard Hitta is staying ahead of the curve. More than just being the #1 mixtape DJ in America, he is ignited to make a name in the hip-hop/rap scene with his latest single “Privacy.” He is breaking the stigma of cannabis with the launching of Boogerz. He is about to do more from what is expected of him.

Check and listen to his latest single, “Privacy” on Youtube. Be part and support the HardHitta Nation here. Follow DJ Hard Hitta on Instagram and Twitter for more inquiries and updates about his music.