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Driven by a warm and mutually supportive base of music fans, The DJ Grid has proved to be a blend of top notch creators, celebrity DJs, and music executives under one roof. With a network that produces millions of impressions monthly, The DJ Grid uses modern methods and cutting edge technology to distribute and promote each body of work.  The DJ Grid is mostly known for their popular compilation series which has dominated the Billboard charts numerous times. They’ve broken records for stars like Missy Elliott, Cam’ron, Sean Kingston, Lil Baby, Ed Sheeran, Damian Marley, and Sean Paul just to mention a few. The DJ Grid has previously released three #1 Billboard albums – including Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica, Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica (Deluxe), and Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica (Reloaded). They’ve also had Top 25 Billboard charting success with their World Hip Hop Compilation series – World Hip Hop Unleashed Vol. 1 & Vol. 2.

The 50/50 album by The DJ Grid was released 4/20 on exclusively and sold out in 24 hours. The coalition linked up with various artists to drop this collaborative album, 50/50. The album was first announced in early 2020 and was distributed three months later. The 50/50 album consists mostly of Hip Hop and Rhythm & Blues songs and the 20-track project marks The DJ Grid’s return, following a short absence in terms of albums releases.

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The 50/50 LP features headliners like Twista, Lauryn Hill, C-Murder, Cuttboy G-Dinero, JonBlaze, Chris Brown, Beadz, Quavo, Gunplay, RedrumSociety, Avatar Frost, Kali Ranks, Sunshine Blues, FLO, KC Da Beatmonster, and more. “This album is on track to be one of the industry’s most anticipated albums.” says the head A&R of Predicted Platinum Records, DJ Choice. The 50/50 compilation can currently be purchased in CD format at Wal-Mart, Kmart, and Sears. The star studded album was physically distributed by Predicted Platinum Records (A sub-label of Amada Records).