How to be an entrepreneur is not taught at school, so David Kollar dropped out of it. However, this did not stop him from achieving his dreams and creating a multi-million dollar company.

“I was born in Slovakia and moved to Canada as an immigrant at the age of 7. After working over 20 jobs, getting kicked out of multiple high schools and dropping out of college, I started my journey in fashion at 16 years old. A decade later Kollar Clothing became a household name in North America, selling in over 250+ retailers globally.” States David.

David did not learn design skills through a normal education pathway. Instead, he relied on the skills that he taught himself over the years. He harnessed the power of the internet to help guide him as well, using sites like youtube where people were posting their own fashion content to understand his own pathway in design.

“I started the company by teaching myself how to design, by asking questions, and by watching YouTube videos. In 2020, Kollar Clothing is a multi-million dollar brand that has been worn by celebrities such as Shawn Mendes, Steph Curry, Chris Delia, Young Thug, Gunna, and Lil Keed to name a few. I am a young entrepreneur who started a business with only an idea and a dream.” Explains David.

David is different from other designers because his goal is to make quality luxury clothing that lasts. He believes that it is easy to make fast and trendy clothes, but making them last is the difficult part. That is why he strives to do just that. If they aren’t trendy and quickly put together, then they cost a fortune. This is something that David also does differently by making his clothes affordable as well.

“Everyone makes luxury products at ridiculous price points; some of it is not even good quality. Everyone also makes fast fashion with fair prices that are trendy, but the product falls apart. Kollar is about defining luxury menswear by quality and not by price point. Kollar’s goal has always been creating detailed, high-quality products at attainable price points, but keeping it exclusive and letting it sell out and then moving on to the next style. This creates a hype that real fashionistas can buy a product and enjoy the quality, especially during times like these when everyone has lost their jobs.” Says David.

As with many other businesses, David has been struggling due to the pandemic. People are less willing to spend money on luxury items because they do not have a lot of money to spare on non-essential items. David and his team are trying to adapt to the situation by making good clothing that can be worn both indoors and outdoors.

“Right now the main obstacle we are facing is Covid-19. We are trying to be more creative with how we make products to ensure we’re creating products that are comfortable that can be worn at home and when you’re outside. Our goal is to continue to sell attainable price points but not be cheap on quality and create too many products that may saturate the brands longevity and branding.” Remarks David.

David is an excellent rags to riches tale that shows how dedication and hard work can get you far in life. His trial and error process led to him refining his brand and finding the right niche that fit his brand. He started his company with only 500 dollars to his name and is now a multimillionaire. 

“I really started from the very bottom. Coming to Canada from Slovakia, my mom had to sew in the basement for brands to ensure she could take care of her kids while paying the bills and feeding them. I started the brand with $500 and now it is a multi-million dollar company. I employ a lot of young employees and give them an opportunity to work in fashion. I mostly hire people with passion and a hardworking personality like what I had growing up when creating my brand.” David Claims.

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