David Albanese has been part of numerous different types of businesses. If you name it, he has probably done it. After being an entrepreneur in the real estate industry for 14 years, David wanted something different from life that was different from the real estate industry, so he turned to the world of entrepreneurship where he has tried every kind of business out there while still keeping his real estate business running.

“I have been in real estate for 14 years and turned into a serial entrepreneur and have been associated with anything from liquor stores, laundry mats, night clubs, restaurants, pool companies, landscaping, general contracting and more,” recounts David.

David was inspired to become an entrepreneur after watching his mom struggle for many years trying to make ends meet. He knew that that was not the lifestyle he wanted for him or his family in the future, so he set his mind to doing something different in order to achieve financial stability and freedom.

I think what motivated me to get started was watching my mom struggle on a daily basis to keep us safe and to put food on the table. As a kid, I recall my mom collecting food stamps and having to trade them for a smaller amount in cash at a local liquor store just to pay the electric bill to keep the lights on,” Remarks David.

David now runs a number of businesses. The first is known as Highfarms, which is a cannabis technology and cultivation company. In addition, he runs a large scale pool maintenance company along with his real estate business. On top of all of this, David wants to help other entrepreneurs avoid making the same mistakes he and many other entrepreneurs have in the past.

“I am also truly inspired right now to help other entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs get over the mental hump of I want to do this…. If I had this… I could do this…. Or I have this dream but need Money to execute…Or it takes money to make money which is true,” States David.

In particular, David wants to help people conquer the problem of failing and getting back on their feet. David explains that this was a big obstacle that he also had to overcome at the beginning of  his entrepreneurial journey, but he never let it stop him from achieving his goals. He kept getting back up and making his dream come true.

“Failing time and time again is an obstacle I think most entrepreneurs face all the time. It’s not that one obstacle is larger than the other. The key is dealing with them and overcoming them,” advises David.

What makes David different from his competition is that he cuts all unnecessary fluff and gets right down to business. David, on the other hand, is grounded in a sense of reality that comes from what he experienced in the struggle of his childhood and the struggles of starting a business.

“Most of the competition is all fluff and is faking it until they make it. What I do daily and what we have done is nothing short of reality and the struggles and hardships I have been through are real.” emphasizes David.

The future looks bright for David as he continues to build up his companies and expand to new territories of business. His advice for people starting their own businesses is to not listen to any of the naysayers. Many of those close to you will try to say that you should not or can’t do it, but the opinion that matters is your own.

“Don’t allow anyone to tell you it’s not possible, Don’t allow your environment, your circumstances, or the ones you love to keep or hold you down,” recommends David.

To find out more about David, you can follow him on Instagram @thinkbigworksmall. You can also check out his website www.thinkbigworksmall.com. If you want to find out more about Highfarms, check them out on Instagram as well @highfarms.