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We all know that life is not perfect, so us humans being should not be either. We are all here on this earth to live our best lives. But sometimes, plans fall through, and even with our best intentions, some of us are lead astray and go down a path that is not the most ideal. When we lose our way, it can feel like all is lost, but all we need is just a second chance to prove ourselves and go back to our destined path. Having gone through his journey of redemption, Dale Robinson knows a thing or two about second chances, and through his ventures G.U.R.U. Fitness and the Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation, he is here to do right by himself and others.

Dale Robinson is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and fitness guru, and also a man convicted of a felony. But he has emerged from his history as the founder and owner of G.U.R.U. Fitness and the Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation. Robinson is also an author of ‘Making a Guru,’ a self-help book that outlines seven steps that people can apply to everyday aspects of their daily life.

Robinson’s first venture, G.U.R.U. Fitness, provides individuals with tools to give their bodies a chance to help them become the best version of themselves through fitness. G.U.R.U. Fitness assists individuals in achieving their goals through their tried and tested 90-day challenge, with one-on-one personal training options every Friday. The program empowers every member through accountability, customized training, and positive community feedback. G.U.R.U. Fitness will be putting an app out as well, to be available on June 1 for both Android and iOS users.

Meanwhile, the Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation (W.J.R.F.) is a 501(c)3 organization based in Frankfort, Kentucky. The ultimate mission of the foundation is to serve children who have been in any way affected by incarceration. The foundation believes in a holistic approach to breaking the generational cycle of incarceration. This approach involves the whole “family,” an inclusive community that includes the felon, caregiver, child/youth, law enforcement, the correctional system, school, mental health, government, and business. W.J.R.F. provides many services that help both the incarcerated parent and the child. They range from educational support in the forms of scholarships and mentorship, monthly support groups for parents and caregivers of children of children impacted by incarceration, and programs for youth at risk in being involved with the juvenile justice system.

Robinson started the foundation to make an impact in the lives of other children. He was emotionally driven to make it happen because of his own experience after incarceration. When his two sons were left behind, they were fortunate enough to be cared for in the hands of a dependable support system. However, other children are not in the same situation, and Robinson wanted to create an organization that would somehow address this issue.

Dale Robinson, a twice-convicted felon, has launched these initiatives as part of his journey to his own redemption. At 44 years old, he is proud to say that he has overcome a life of adversity. Robinson is now living life as a devoted husband, a dedicated father of 2 sons and a daughter, a successful entrepreneur, a highly sought-after motivational speaker, activist, and community leader. Robinson is fulfilling his commitment to giving back to a community that didn’t turn its back on him when he decided to turn his life around and start anew.

In this crazy journey we call life, we may slip and tumble, and all we need is just a helping hand to get back up. Whether you’re for redemption in fitness, in incarceration, or life in general, Dale Robinson is the person to help you get your second chances.

To know more about Dale Robinson, you may visit his website at dalerobinsonguru.com/. You can also check out G.U.R.U. Fitness at gurufitky.com/, and Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation at wjrfoundation.org/