Innovative social app Curius with “mindful swiping” technology goes live with 1000+ users

Curius is a free, unique, social networking app powered with patented mindful swiping technology which enables users to find most compatible matches as per their specific social intentions.

Rochester Hills, MI / July 2, 2020 /  A revolutionary social app is all set to redefine social connections and for better. Titled “Curius”, the innovative app was officially launched earlier this week with around 1000 users already on-board. Designed with patented “mindful swiping” technology, the app is aimed to help create meaningful social interaction as per specific user preferences.

Curius was officially launched on June 17 in Detroit, Michigan. The app is available for free on the Apple App Store and will soon be available on the Google Play Store as well.

Harrit Diwan, the CEO and Co-Founder of Curius, states, “Usual social apps mostly follow mindless left/right swiping which usually ends in futile social interactions. The main reason is, with these apps, you never get to know the actual intentions of each other before you start interacting. Curius, however, is all set to change the game.”

Instead of left/right swiping, users will be able to swipe in 6 directions and each direction represents a specific social intention. The 6 intentions include:

  • Serious Romance
  • Casual Romance
  • Serious Commitment or Wedding
  • Quick Fling
  • Friendship
  • Simple Texting or Chatting

With the ability to express your intentions while swiping, you will have a fair idea on the actual social intention of other users as well. If you match with that user, you can go ahead and strike up a meaningful conversation based on shared interests because the fear of having different needs in a relationship is already taken care of. On the other hand, if a user’s social intention doesn’t match with yours, you can avoid that profile and save yourself from wasting time on an incompatible match.

The app holds a record of all the categories other users have swiped you as well so that you can receive insights on how other users have viewed your profile. Based on that, you can tailor your profile as per your particular social needs to ensure the most compatible results.

When asked about the inspiration behind Curius, Diwan mentioned his own frustrating experience with the current social apps on the market. As per his statement, since these apps don’t offer clear insight into another user’s end goal for a relationship, people often end up with matches who match in physical attraction but not in long or short-term needs. This causes a lot of frustration due to rejections from matches that end up not being as compatible as anticipated.

“Before we met, my wife & co-founder, Brittney, & I struggled a lot on dating apps. We often matched with people who didn’t share the same needs. It sometimes took us at least two dates with a single person before realizing our dates were in it for something more casual and not long-term. It was just a major waste of time. We wanted to solve this problem & provide a platform where people can find matches based on mutual intentions. Thus, the idea of Curius was born”, explained Diwan.

“Curius recognizes that relationships are non-binaries, and it makes it easier to find and develop social connections based mutual intentions & user preferences,” Brittney Spencer, the the other Co-Founder and Content Lead, added, “On one hand, it introduces an approach to dating apps which gives people more options in how they essentially want to tailor their relationships and, on the other hand, it helps the user simplify the process to a single screen. Be it dating, friendships, chatting, meet-ups, or casual flings, we hope Curius can be the one-stop destination for all your relationship needs.”

For more information, please visit: or, to download, visit the Apple App Store.

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