As we all know by now the global outbreak of Covid-19 has brought much fear around the world and with mandatory shut downs in some states taking effect in the United States,  It does raise concern in most U.S citizens. Craig Davis well known on social media as CeoGamble shares with us how the outbreak of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) affects the telecommunications industry and how his company Fastwave Communications will assist during this tragic time. 

“It’s important that we are ensuring the safety and health of our employees, fortunately we are able to practice social distancing and sticking to smaller groups below ten people as recommended by the federal government. I’ve told my team if they are feeling sick or have any symptoms of the Corona Virus to make sure they take time off for their safety as well as their co workers.” States Davis. “It is our utmost priority to assist First responders; emergency responders, public messaging, and 911 communications. Making sure wireless communications are operational in the case of an event where a life saving situation may need to take place is very important.” 

Fast Wave Communications is a leading 5G installation company and have been servicing and maintenancing cell towers for six plus years now. Ranked the number one telecom company in Atlanta in 2019 many states in the Southeast United States rely greatly on their services. 

“When times like these come about, or any natural disasters that cripple cities and affect people’s daily life and  businesses, it’s only right to unite. As this virus is very serious we all need to remember that we will get through it together. Following the recommendations our nation leaders are giving is a must. As mentioned before Fastwave will do all we can as a unit to assist the communities we operate in. We will get through this!” Davis states. 

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