Craig Campbell, Leading SEO Expert in Glasgow Announces Free SEO Course

Make the Best Use of Lockdown Period with an Online Free Tutorial on Advanced SEO Course. Over 20k People Signed Up. 

GLASGOW, UK – 30th April 2020 – Craig Campbell, a reputed SEO expert from Glasgow is pleased to announce the launch of a free Advanced SEO course for anyone interested in developing their SEO skills or who wish to learn more about the current trends from the world of SEO and digital marketing. With Covid-19 lockdown doing the rounds across the world, there is no better way to spend the downtime than to develop new skills and expand your existing skills. 

Here is an amazing opportunity that should not be missed. The Free SEO Training which would otherwise cost £800 per person is now being given away for free to anybody who signs up with, absolutely free of charge. All that the enrollers have to do is to subscribe to Craig’s YouTube Chanel. Subscribers will receive regular updates on the latest content and SEO information from Craig Campbell SEO.

It’s a difficult time for everybody and on the brighter side, it is also an excellent opportunity to learn and develop new skills. With the loss of clients and jobs, businesses are the worst hit in this situation. The best way to cope with the circumstance is to stay positive and grab opportunities like these. The Free SEO training course will definitely add value and help people making the best use of this time will learn new SEO strategies and skills.

What’s in the Course?

The course comes with 153 modules on Search Engine Optimization. This also includes videos on how certain SEO tools can be used. The video tutorials will help students grasp SEO concepts and instruct them on implementation. The course construct is a visually impactful and engaging program making it easy to understand the modules without the need for direct training. It is not like any other free SEO course which just provides the basic information. This is a course with specific modules on affiliate marketing and Facebook Ads as well as other major concepts. 

Who Can Benefit from this Course?

Over 20k people have already signed for this course. Anybody who is looking for solid career prospects in the world of SEO and Digital Marketing can enroll and learn SEO online. The industry is expected to witness an amazing trend in the coming year or two. There will be more and more freelance SEO specialists working from the comfort of their own homes and will be on a path to a lucrative career. For those who want a career change and are bored with a desk job, this course will give a jumpstart. Apart from that, those who always want to become entrepreneurs with affiliate marketing, this is a chance not to be missed. 

Notes to Remember 

It has taken almost a year for Craig to design such a comprehensive course structure. It is not just about covering the topics but also designing it in such a way that even a novice could understand what’s going on. With jargon explained in a clear and crisp manner, students will get a much better understanding of SEO on a whole. 

Once the user subscribes for the course, he or she will have access to the training material for the next 6 months. They will be awarded a system generated certificate on completion of the SEO course. 

There will be no other freebies apart from this free advanced SEO course. And there will not be any one-to-one sessions or advice. There will be thousands of people signing up for the course and it will be quite difficult to cater to individual queries. 

There is absolutely no need to worry about password resets as the users will be assisted with password recovery and resetting. 

To enroll for the free SEO course and updates for the videos and tutorials on Craig’s YouTube Channel, visit 

About Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell based in Glasgow, Scotland is an SEO Expert with over 18 years of SEO experience and extensive knowledge in digital marketing services. Craig believes in educating his clients before offering the services. It is important that the customers understand what they are signing up for and what they would be getting in return. Craig believes in result-oriented services and provides that through customized SEO and digital marketing solutions. Craig Campbell also offers SEO courses such as Basic SEO Course, Advanced SEO Course, Link Building Course, AdWords Course. 



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