Something has changed. Can’t you feel it? Meaningful buying habits have caught up with global connectivity. Being able to jump online and purchase anything from anywhere, has taken a backseat to knowing who you are buying from, and what they believe. Something has changed.

Corporate responsibility has given way to consumer responsibility. Consumers are thinking longer about how their buying habits impact the environment, and the workforce who made the goods. On the front line of these changes is the social entrepreneur, the disruptive voices of people who largely live online, but whose words cause real-world consequences. But be warned. If you plan to join the fight in 2020, be prepared to take the heat.

Not everyone appreciates when you attempt to hit the reset button on their long-held beliefs. When you place yourself on the front line of sensitive culture matters, be ready for whatever comes your way. Thankfully, the world is big and small. Big geographically, small relationally. The online world has a bias toward youth, and young adults today are not caught up in maintaining the status quo of yesterday. The social entrepreneur, therefore, finds online, a custom-made audience that welcomes new ideas that contradict old ones.

Still, social entrepreneurs must pick our battles – consumer rights, social justice, environmental protection, any issue du jour demanding attention – and fight the good fight, not for bloodsport, but for virtue. There is a lot of inequity on this planet. Picking which one to address is a talent all unto itself.

A new year presents a new opportunity for the social entrepreneurial class – new battlegrounds, new weaponry, new “treaties” to sign. Enlightened citizens, fortified with knowledge, passion, and the will to make things better, are today’s Minutemen. Social entrepreneurs are the generals. We give the vision. Those we influence execute its objectives.

So let me ask you, what do you hold dear to your heart? You, too, can be a social entrepreneur touching the hearts of those with similar passions. There’s no degree required, no academy to attend, no cape to wear. The only prerequisite you need is an ability to see beyond any profit margin, to understand society’s success is measured not in dollars, but in how many steps we take in the right direction. A social entrepreneur’s DNA has little to do with her country’s GDP.

If you’re creative and tend to think differently, you can lead a movement. Seeing solutions where others see the status quo is a shared trait among the generals. It requires perseverance. Changing minds is hard work. Your solutions will be ridiculed, as will you. It demands a spirit of teamwork and flexibility. Nobody wins a war alone.

Whatever you do, do something. Join us today. Let’s make 2020 one for the record books. Game on.

Lian Pham is the CHO (Chief Heart Officer) of Company of Nomads. An agent for positive, disruptive change, Lian operates an entrepreneurial incubator for smart, bold, independent thinkers and creators. Her ambitious lifestyle called Peak Performer, is serving to inspire a new breed of business owners more concerned with the human line than the bottom line.