Growing platform Co-Host Market provides a way for Airbnb property owners to connect with property managers and other professionals maximizing their service and boosting customer feedback.

December 10, 2019 – WASHINGTON, D.C

Short-term property rental on Airbnb is certainly a way to build an income stream but many property owners quickly realize – to win the top reviews needed to compete, they either need to dedicate serious time and energy to the project or bring on help. The second choice is the obvious one for those with other jobs or responsibilities but the good news is finding a short-term rental manager isn’t quite the challenge it used to be. Co-Host Market is a young, thriving platform developed to connect property owners with skilled and motivated property managers and cleaning companies in order to give an extra set of hands to the homeowner. The platform has celebrated its success with a recent announcement it will undergo an update soon, making it even quicker and easier to navigate and use.

“Once an Airbnb property owner sees the big difference of having a vacation rental property management professional to help, they often never want to go back to doing everything themselves,” commented a spokesperson from Co-Host Market. “Not only do they save time running around and the extra work in keeping the property ready to rent but their reviews generally rise having a skilled, dedicated person handling this end of things. Which equals more rentals and a real win-win.”

Co-Host Market requires all short-term rental managers to provide identification for security purposes. Property owners can review their experience working with the managers using the platform, which makes it a valuable resource for finding the right person for a property. It also makes negotiations around charges simpler since experience can be clearly seen and reviewed. Importantly, the property owners and managers are able to negotiate expectations beforehand, so everyone involved has the best chance of a transparent, positive experience.

Property owners wishing to build a reliable income stream on Airbnb, while also having more peace of mind and free time, are likely wise to explore what a short-term property manager can do to help out their situation. Co-Host Market is easy-to-join and free to use. Taking a few minutes to see what professionals are in the local area and able to come onboard can take a Airbnb property from 4 stars to 4 stars, which is a jump that can equal serious returns.

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