Christopher C. Lee is widely regarded as one of the best photographers in the San Francisco Bay Area. His work, spanning several years of professional photography and video services for major corporations like Google and Airbnb, as well as nationwide news stations, including Sky News Australia, have rightfully earned him the title as the “Crown Jewel Photographer of Silicon Valley”. 

His photography and cinematography studio, Photomochi (, brought countless talents to agency recognition, achieved hundreds of thousands of views for advertisements and YouTube content, and generated millions of dollars in revenue. Christopher has revolutionized the logistics for a creative business in our modern world by rebuilding the system from the ground up and paving a new path of hope for art professionals worldwide. 

The creative geniuses from his personal photography house, Christopher C. Lee Photography & Film (, are handpicked from a pool of elite art professionals, hailing from all stages of visual media development. Initially operating as a private media boutique, Christopher has photographed for top-tier clients such as Swarovski and Honey Birdette. He later opened up shop to the general public and saw a huge influx of clientele with wider scope. This prompted him to devise the management of a team that could scale to meet demand without compromising artistic quality. His emphasis on strengthening the grassroots foundation of his organization and giving his artists free rein to express their vision, has become the crux of his incredible commercial projects. 

Christopher primarily functions as a Director of Photography, masterfully skilled in all areas of pre- production, production, and post-production. His ability to fully engage the potential of a creative vision within realistic boundaries is unparalleled. From DJI aerial drone adventures, to timeless wedding films, to travel documentaries, to grand music videos, he has done it all. Axent Wear, an independent headphone brand by designer artist Yuumei, raised over $3,000,000 in funding through its official video promo that he worked on, which itself garnered over 500,000 views. Along with his studio, Photomochi, he also functioned as the creative director of the official music video for “Popout” (, the hit single for Empire Distribution and Afficials artists, $tupid Young and MB Nel, from their collaboration album “The Yellow Tape”. He has become one of the highest achieving photographers for photography service company, Snappr, providing their clients with top satisfaction. He’s provided food photography for Doordash, car photography for Bring A Trailer and Porsche, and fashion photography for Troo Wear, a prominent Bay Area streetwear label:

A big contributing factor to his success is his social activism as a fellow artist, and as a leader, in his community. Christopher believes the sensitivity and empathic nature of artists should be cherished and protected, and revolved his business strategy around that fact. His work environment is warm, and inviting. It brings together the best of minds in the most respectful manner. His team is encouraged to share and care for each other like family, and is rewarded for doing so. Each artist is individually interviewed so that the studio can cater their resources to assist them in content creation. They are given their personal space to roam and ideate. By creating a healthy emotional bridge with his team, they have a stronger personal stake in their projects and contribute far more than they would in any conventional workplace. Though this idyllic environment is only engaging creative professionals for now, he hopes it will become a new standard in the industry. 

Christopher is committed to creating a thriving community of art through his love for photography and cinematography, where peers from all walks of life can come together and openly share their most heartfelt creative visions: