It may be an understatement to say that the current COVID-19 pandemic has truly changed the world. It has disrupted the way we live our lives – from how we get our groceries, to how we interact with each other, and even how we spend our time in general. One of the biggest things that the pandemic has affected is the economy, and due to the lockdown, a lot of businesses have closed and are losing income, which also leads to a huge population of people losing their jobs. 

According to a report by the BBC, the class of 2020, which includes over 4 million graduates, is bound to enter the worst job market in history since the 1930s, during the time of the Great Depression. Currently, the national unemployment rate stands at a whopping 14.7%, and it is worse for the 20-24 age group who has a 25.7% unemployment rate. With the economy in recession, it would be hard for new graduates to find success in their career path. Luckily, Chris Graffagnino and Settle4Success are here to help young people get a start as entrepreneurs.

Settle4Success (S4S) is a platform to motivate and mentor millennial entrepreneurs into following their passions. Chris Graffagnino is launching S4S in the height of this global pandemic as a way to assist people who are currently guessing their career choices in order to survive the downturn the economy is currently facing. It mainly aims to reach young people, even as early as high school, who are in the process of deciding what to do for a living, especially in the middle of a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Settle4Success will be a mentorship platform that provides a universal curriculum to motivate people to start their business. S4S will provide an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to pitch business ideas through one-on-one custom mentorship opportunities. While it is primarily geared towards young people, anyone can join S4S, even employees who want to get out of their typical 9 to 5. The platform will serve as the perfect opportunity to collaborate to start a business. Best of all, S4S will be completely free and will have no hidden charges whatsoever.

S4S is the brainchild of Chris Graffagnino, a US Army Combat veteran turned successful entrepreneur, or as he likes to call himself, a “vetrepreneur”. He is a specialist in operational and physical risk management and has helped develop businesses on and off Wall Street. 

Having found his business by carving a niche for himself, Chris Graffagnino lives by the motto, “the best ideas are often ones that everyone says are bad.” Now a successful entrepreneur, he has launched S4S as his way to share his knowledge with the world. Graffagnino knows the value of hard work and hopes to mentor someone who will work hard to be successful as well.

In a world that has been disrupted by an unexpected crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, nothing is sure except for hard work and perseverance. With employment being steep, one must take matters in their own hands through business. Let Chris Graffagnino and the Settle4Success program help you find success in business, and get you ahead of the curve.

To know more about Chris Graffagnino and Settle4Success, you may email him  [email protected], or check out his website at, and check out S4S’s Instagram page, @settle4success.