The growth of the digital age has created new opportunities for people who want to develop online platforms and positively influence others. While starting the journey is a cinch, climbing to the top proves itself to be back-breaking. The competition is fierce, but some stand out. 

Recently, Yahoo Finance published an article naming some of the most influential people on digital channels today. At number ten came businessman and founder of Settle4Success, Chris Graffagnino. Chris joins an elite crew of influencers. The list includes other big names like Christianna Hurt, Jay Shetty, Evan Seech, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Lisa A. Romano. 

Graffagnino’s entrepreneurial journey started back in 2016. Up until that point, the business-savvy professional had spent all of his working life building the territory of large corporations, slaving away as a victim to the relentless rat race. Starting with a $100 initial investment, a lot of sweat equity, and someone he looked up to as a mentor, Chris co-founded his own company. Early on, he was committed to being mentored as he was bent on making his new venture work. His mentor’s influence on Chris was so valuable that it guided him significantly to where he is now. 

Fast-forward a few years, and Chris has built a massive collection of highly successful businesses. Today, Chris specializes in providing business development services to entrepreneurs that want to scale their business and monetize their dreams.

On top of his business accolades, Chris started Settle4Success. This mentoring program aims to inspire others who want to escape the corporate treadmill and engineer the life that they want. Chris believes that almost everyone dreams of becoming their boss at some point in their life. Many people never act on it because of the opinion of others, fear of failure, or lack of confidence. Graffagnino wants to change that through his program by mentoring entrepreneurs. They will take the leap and give entrepreneurship a shot. 

The goal of Settle4Success is to provide entrepreneurs a platform to come together and share creative ideas, find support, network, and challenge each other to press forward. The launch of the program begins at a timely junction in history as millions have lost livelihood due to the economic downturn brought about by the Coronavirus crisis. 

Chris hopes that S4S can be the tipping point that helps people design their fate by launching a venture they are proud of and truly enjoy. The best part of Settle4Success is that Chris means for it to be completely free, making it a highly accessible and valuable tool for anyone who wants to build a business from scratch.

Chris’s specialty on top of business development comes as a security and risk management consultant. As a former law enforcement officer and disabled combat veteran of the United States Army, the serial entrepreneur is taking his experience in security and risk management into the business sector. Graffagnino has found success in creating a niche market where there is a high demand for crisis management services such as security evacuations and repatriation services.

Chris loves to travel and is determined to see the world as he continues to grow his base virtually. 

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