Carlos D. Smith realized that credit dictates a lot of what people can and cannot do financially. He saw that a lot of people did not understand how the system works and so he decided to start Smith Financials LLC, in order to educate people.

“I was that kid who sold candy at school because he had to find a way to make money at an early age. I was driven from the start, I just didn’t have a lot of opportunities — mostly because I didn’t ‘qualify’ for the better options. The realization was a turning point for me.” Carlos shares.

Today, Carlos is a credit coach and the founder and CEO of Smith Financials LLC – a fast-growing credit coaching business in the U.S. 

“We start with restoring people’s credit, but we don’t stop there. We go past the fixing and go all the way to building, and maintaining what they have achieved. We make our clients look good, not only on paper, but in all aspects of their financial life so they can have better options, and make even better financial decisions.” Carlos explains.

Moreover, Smith Financials LLC is open to anyone who needs help with their credit, or with funding, or with building a sustainable business. Carlos’ business model revolves around helping people because he needed help at some point in his life and didn’t get it.

Carlos transformed his own life when he understood how credit works. This is why he wants to transform other people’s lives. In addition, he loves challenges and the learning that comes with them, and he makes sure to have the correct mindset to solve whatever problem arises.

“It’s never a question of ‘is it possible?’ But more of ‘what can I do to make this possible?’” Carlos says.

In fact, Carlos’ mindset is all about problem solving and facing challenges. In fact, right before he goes to bed he picks out the biggest challenge of that day and meditates on it before he sleeps. This helps him be focused on his goals.

“I want to be known for helping people to become successful. If I can build my company well enough that it runs long after I’m gone–I will be very happy because I know that I have continued helping not only my clients but my employees and their families.” Carlos states.

When he was getting started, Carlos got into the industry because he was broke until he met Marvin Smith (who he is not related to, although he now considers him a brother). Marvin fixed his credit in just nine days, and then offered a price to teach Carlos all that he knew.

“He gave me a price, I worked to get it and there it was: a window, a golden opportunity. So I learned as much as I could about the business from him and I built my network. I met people, I did some testing, I found my market.” Carlos recounts. “All of a sudden I was helping people left and right. That’s when it hit me-I didn’t just start a profitable business, I discovered a channel to help people just like me.”

This is exactly Smith Financials LLC’s mission: to help fellow Americans achieve financial freedom. They work everyday with that in mind, from the sales consultants all the way to the IT guys.

But this is only possible because of the team that is behind Smith Financials LLC. Carlos works with people with whom he shares the same vision and values. They are on the same boat paddling towards the same goals, under his leadership.

“Great leadership is all about vision and humility. Knowing where you will be next year and driving the organization to that future. As well as realizing that you don’t have all the answers and that you need key people to enable your vision.” Carlos explains. “My company just reached a new milestone this April–we earned our entire 2019 revenue four months into 2020–and that’s because I put my trust on the people I have.”

Most recently, Carlos just launched an online class taking into consideration the way that COVID-19 has impacted industries across the globe. Carlos wanted to give budding entrepreneurs the chance to learn about credit coaching business. 

“I’m willing to mentor people and just pay it forward. This business has helped me when I had none, and I hope I can open this channel up to more people.” Carlos shares. 

All of Carlos’ learned lessons come through in his online class called the Credit Coaching Blueprint. He put it together for Smith Financials LLC clients to be able to capitalize on their credit and take it to the next level.

You can find out more about Carlos here.