In many ways, entrepreneurship involves navigating through uncharted waters and conquering undiscovered landscapes. History teaches of a time when, faced against seemingly impossible odds, a captain gave the order to burn the ships. Determined to push on, press forward, and succeed, the captain destroys the escape routes, safety nets, and other alternatives other than victory. This is the determination that drives the programs and services offered by the Burn The Ships Ecosystem.

Burn The Ships is captained by two highly successful entrepreneurs who have built and sold 9-figure companies. They know firsthand the specific challenges of living the “entrepreneur life,” including countless hours away from their families to scale revenues and profits. Matt Manero and Judge Grahams started at the bottom and have finished close to the top. They have experienced the hardships and understand how it is all worth it in the end to achieve financial freedom.

Through their cumulative knowledge and experience, Matt and Judge provide a crystal clear business roadmap that leads to success. This allows them the confidence to encourage other business owners everywhere to burn their ships, create their mission, and build their companies. The programs offered by Burn The Ships stand in sharp contrast to the approach of fake business gurus rampant on social media. Following Burn The Ship’s proven roadmap will enable other entrepreneurs to create, operate, and exit prosperous businesses. 

Matt and Judge present the opportunity for countless others to learn the lessons of winning in the game of business that the schools don’t teach. Their roadmap has three phases: Grow, Profit, and Win. In Phase One, Grow, business owners learn the “language of business.” This phase focuses on developing the focus and gaining the information necessary for people to maximize the potential within themselves and their businesses. The second phase centers on driving maximum profits while creating a long-lasting company culture and ecosystem. Phase Two deals with the fact that a business must generate excess profit to justify the time, energy, and effort necessary to build a meaningful business. The last phase focuses on winning management strategies that allow the business to provide multiple options. These options depend on how the business owner defines success, including financial freedom, time, happiness, and fulfillment. If done properly, a business can even provide the potential for a big liquidity event or exit.

Burn The Ships has three high-impact programs that will quickly scale the revenue, profits, culture, and value of any business. The first is a weekly mentorship program designed to help younger entrepreneurs receive the guidance that they desperately need. Another program offered is a comprehensive online university that provides audio, video, and other downloadable templates for entrepreneurs to consume throughout the year. Lastly, there is a program for business owners with $1 million or more in revenue. The business boot camp is an ultimate experience characterized by massive deep dives into the business roadmap. 

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