With over six million people online and over 30,000 customers from across the world, Blue is taking over the world by reinventing the business card. Today, it is no longer just about your name and contact information, it’s all about where can people follow you on social media and how can they get access to that in real-time. Blue gives us the answer.

Blue is both a mobile app and a Smart card that introduces you to people you cross paths with in real life. You only need to tap your Blue Smart Card on a nfc compatible smartphone to share all your social networks and contact information much more instantly. Using Bluetooth low energy and Near Field Communication (NFC), Blue allows you to interact with people and things nearby with or without them having Blue downloaded. 

It also has the ability to see social media profiles of other users and has an all-in-one ability to consolidate access to selected social media profiles, websites, emails, phone numbers, and even, payment applications. 

What’s more interesting is how you can instantly share your social information with just one tap. Not only that, the other person doesn’t need the Blue app to receive your information and add to contacts. You can turn on Blue, slide your phone back in your pocket, and as soon as you cross paths with another user in real life, you’ll get a notification in real-time.

“We call it ambient networking,” says Jose Montero, CEO of Blue. “Our vision to ultimately build a world of friends wherever you go,” he shares.

More often than not, despite the rise of social media where people are supposed to socialize and network with others. More and more people slowly lose touch of how it goes when meeting and engaging with new people. With Blue, it makes socializing easy. It is a great conversation starter and leaves a lasting impression on everyone you meet. Other than just giving your social media links in one go, Blue also works to encourage people to be more engaging in person. Indeed, Blue social is on its way to helping rebuild a more connected world with a passion for purpose and humanity.

Through ambient networking, Blue continues to push its vision to build a world of friends wherever you go. Since its launch, Blue has generated more than 500,000 social interactions in just six months. An average of over 10,000 social interactions happens almost every day on Blue. They have now reached over six million people online and now have over 30,000 customers, which include students, business owners, investors, business professionals, recruiters, and social media users.

In fact, The Meet the Drapers Show Season 3, Premieres this Saturday with Blue Social founders pitching to the legendary Draper family of Silicon Valley. The Draper’s are on the search for the world’s hottest new entrepreneurs, on the hunt for the next billion-dollar idea. Blue Social has been recognized for Innovation by Riverside County with Jose Montero, CEO of Blue Social, taking first place in a Countywide Fast Pitch competition.

Blue is leading the market when it comes to the Smart Business Card industry. With many competitors now entering the market, Blue is more than just a smart business card company. It is a platform that connects you to people around you using Bluetooth and NFC Technology.

Blue is currently looking for people who will invest in the company and its vision through a Republic CrowdFund campaign where anyone can invest as little as $100. This crowdfunding campaign aims to raise up to $1,070,000. Visit https://republic.co/blue