Finding a fitness guru who is also a Hip-Hop sensation is such a rare opportunity. Mostly, people specialize in one area and be the best at it. But not for fitness instructor Blaze Goldsmith, who is also a music sensation and motivational speaker at the same time. 

Blaze has been in the business of helping both amateur and professional athletes stay fit for their chosen sport for the past 14 years. His passion for physical fitness is something he shares to numerous clients who may not necessarily be involved in sports. Most of his clients are ordinary people who want to stay healthy to accomplish their goals in life. While he works comfortably with all his male clients, he also connects well with the women. What is more interesting is that he can also connect with youngsters easily.

The fitness guru believes that too many people are taking their physical health for granted. His advocacy for healthy living goes beyond the material as he also coaches clients about positivity, the right attitude, and maintaining a good set of friends. This holistic approach to helping people live healthier has been one of the main reasons why more and more people are availing of his fitness program.

Additionally, Blaze has a wealth of experience in strength and conditioning exercises, Martial Arts, and run endurance to mention some.

One of his passions includes being a music artist. Having grown up in a home that valued music so much, Blaze pursued a career as singer and rapper under Ice Squad Entertainment. His father’s influence in his life exposed him to different genres of music early on. It gave him a deeper appreciation of music as a form of self-expression. Despite his many invitations to do fitness coaching, he makes the time to be able to better his craft by consistently working closely with his friends from the music industry.   

Being a motivational speaker is also close to Blaze’s heart. He knows that by sharing his personal views and experiences, he can encourage his audience to make better life choices. He also wants them to live healthier lives and prioritize what matters most. His dedication as a father inspires him to serve as a good example not only to adults but most especially to young people.

Blaze gets invited to speak to different audiences in prison, school, and corporate settings. His passion for life, family, and helping people become better versions of themselves is a strong driving force to what he does for a living. No matter how tedious things get, he pushes himself to continue knowing that people rely on him for guidance. 

As an artist, he teaches people to be free to express themselves without fear of getting rejected or judged. He believes that each person should have the opportunity to be heard. He especially likes speaking to young people in schools because he knows he can connect with them. Giving the young generation a clear picture of what life has to offer is something that he takes very seriously. 

Life may not always be fair, but there is still a way of looking at it to get the best results. Learn the ropes from the best and see the difference.

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