Blaux Wearable AC is a compact, personal and always ready-to-go fan that will cool you down during the hot summer days. It is convenient, lightweight and ergonomically designed to be as comfortable as ever while you carry it around.

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As we are inching towards the hot, sweaty and humid summer days, we are probing different ways of cooling ourselves down. While some head towards the conventional, age-old methods, there are others who look for innovative and somewhat unorthodox approaches. For the later, Blaux has designed the perfect companion device!

Blaux Wearable AC Review 

Also referred to as Blaux Personal Fan, this is a compact yet powerful wearable fan built for the modern, always-on-the-move man. Whether you have a 9-to-5 day job, you’re a professional athlete or someone who prefers working from home, the wearable AC has something for everyone. 

Its singular design is modern-looking, minimalistic yet extremely functional. A lot of thought has been put into bringing this device to you; from drawings to prototypes, from trials to starting manufacturing. There are numerous hours of research and development put into making the finest, most purposeful wearable AC you could lay your eyes on. 

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What Exactly is Blaux Wearable AC?

Worried about low productivity during the extreme heat during summers? This summer accessory is the perfect partner to accompany you during field visits, office work or while at home. Being ultra-portable, the wearable AC is designed to rest around your neck and blow conditioned air directly at your face. The device allows you to control the ambient temperature around yourself, maintaining utmost comfort while you complete tasks or relax at home.

The device comes fitted with antibacterial ionizers that purify the air you breathe, clearing up all the nasty pathogens which may cause allergies, diseases or other adverse health reactions. The presence of such filters promotes a healthier life, decreasing the chances of respiratory illnesses.

Unique Features:

The mobile device comes packed with a variety of distinctive features that make it stand out amongst other products present in the market. Aimed at being an ultra-portable device, the long battery life can easily support an entire day’s running and still have some juice left. Rated at 30-hours, the gadget will cool you down throughout the day. Even when the battery drains out, the device can be ramped up in 4 hours, ready to last another long day!

Another useful addition to have is a universal charging port; a convenient USB-C charger is great to have as well. The compatibility and utility of USB-C chargers make them great for high-power fast charging, cutting down the time to recharge the battery a mere fraction compared to conventional chargers. Presence of a versatile USB-C makes accessories and replacements easy to find and cheap to replace.

The custom-designed vents at both ends have integrated flow channels which direct the air at the optimal angle, enabling the AC to cool the user quickly. As a design-feature, the vents are rotatable, allowing the user to adjust them, to serve individual preference.

The wearable AC comes with a VIP membership, an optional choice with some added charges, those opting for it get to enjoy a thermo-electric cool plate on the main device, in addition to the cooling fans blowing air through the vents. The plate rests at the back of the neck, and is in direct contact with the skin. 

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As a result, it instantly starts cooling the back of the neck at the press of a button, providing greater comfort to the user. The plate is out-together in a manner it allows conduction of the cooling effect, while keeping itself insulated to electric current, an added feature flaunted by Blaux Wearable AC.

The fans can be manually adjusted to 3 preset levels, altering the amount and speed of air blown by the fans. At maximal, the fans are capable of directing 1.9 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of chilled air towards you, rapidly lowering the overall temperature in a matter of minutes. It’s best for those post-workout sessions to dry up the sweat, bringing the body’s temperature down.

Even with all the given design elements, the wearable contraption remains easy to maintain and clean. The body itself can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, while the rotatable vents easily come off to give them a nice dusting. 

A soft brush is ideal to reach the small spaces in the vent which may be difficult to reach otherwise, and once done, they simply click back in space. The only moving parts are the fans, which are shielded by the sturdy covers over the outlets. There is high-grade insulation all around the device, protecting the users from electrical injuries. This makes the whole thing very safe to use with minimal care.

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Why Should You Buy This AC?

  • One size fits all
  • USB-C charging port, bring convenience and versatility
  • Patented vent design to prevent objects disrupting air flow
  • LED indicator for power and charging status
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Positional air flow
  • 3-speed level fan
  • Substantial 1.9 CFM air blowing capacity

Where to Buy and Cost?

Blaux personal fan is available online on the official website here ( and offers a colossal 50% off, a deal hard to miss. Buying from the official store is also the best way to ensure you get 100% genuine products and to avoid disappointment with counterfeit products.

The website offers a range of options for you to choose, either buying a single piece or in multiples. All packages come with a 30-day money back guarantee when purchased from the official supplier. Following is breakdown of its cost: 

  • 1 for $69.99
  • 2 for $139.98
  • 3 for $157.48
  • 4 for $192.47

Final Verdict

Blaux Wearable AC is a light, convenient and easy to use portable cooling device that you can carry all day long. It rests comfortable around your neck and blows air directly at your face, lowering the temperature during the hot, temperate weather. It has 30-hour long battery life, enough to last through the day. The built in ionizer cleans and purifies air circulating you, promoting a healthier living.

The all-rounder portable collar AC should be bought immediately from their official website, before the 50% discount offer is pulled down!

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