Blaux, an industry leader in consumer health goods, recently released a pair of personal air conditioners with their own flare and features. The Blaux Portable AC plus Blaux Wearable AC are the talk of the town as must-have items to beat the summer heat.

The following will review the Blaux Portable AC, a mini rapid cooling personal air conditioning unit, and the Blaux Wearable AC, a neck chilling air conditioning fan purifier device. Together, each offers incredible innovations in the area of personal comfort in the name of staying cool and chill amid extremely hot and humid temperatures on the horizon of the seasonal change.

While both the Blaux Portable AC unit plus the Blaux Wearable AC air conditioning device are both suitable to have and offer distinct advantages from one another, here is a breakdown of both in one clean snapshot for easy, intuitive understanding for which one if not both are optimal for you.

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There are new high-tech solutions that support being uncomfortable a thing of the past when it comes to overheating or heat-related fatigue and exhaustion. This comprehensive review is about two newly released products by the Blaux brand—the Blaux Portable AC and Blaux Wearable AC. These products are developed by Blaux, a patented-name brand branch of Strong Current Enterprises, which is a well-respected Hong Kong-based online shopping company known for being cutting edge and timely in their respected product categories.

The Blaux Portable AC and Blaux Wearable AC are taking the air conditioning market by storm this summer, with more users realizing their importance in this time of a global pandemic amid extreme temperatures and scorching hot and humid climates. In this review, we offer a detailed account of each product: what it is, why you need, how it works, and where to get it.

First, let’s start with the high-in-demand Blaux Portable AC personal air conditioner unit and then move into the trendy and category creating Blaux Wearable AC.

Blaux Portable AC Review: What is the Personal Air Conditioner Unit?

Blaux Portable AC is a mini air conditioning unit that acts as a personal air cooler and air purifier. Before jumping into a full consumer review about Blaux Portable AC, here is an overview of what is to follow:

*** The Summary Box: Review of Blaux Portable AC ***

*** Effectiveness: it delivers rapid cooling in just 30 seconds

*** Price: not the cheapest but reasonable; you can buy a single unit or a package of two, three, or four units. A single unit is $89.99, $179.98 for two units, $202.48 for three units, and $247.47 for four units.

*** Ease of use: top-fill pouring and cordless operation

*** Support: no-hassle returns

*** We like: dual function as a humidifier, cord-free operation, ability to filter the air you breathe.

*** We don’t like: It’s only available online, limited amount of in-stock supply and minute shipping delay

*** Summary: Blaux Portable AC is by far the best air conditioning gadget you can have. Especially in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the quality of air you breathe is critical. With the summer around the corner, this device can be your personal air conditioner—a portable friend that you can carry around wherever you go.

This review is to help you make the most of the device: what it is, why you need it, where you can get it, and many more. Make a purchase now and enjoy the discounted prices for users in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and other countries.

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Technical Facts About the Blaux Portable Air Conditioner

*** Power mode: USB

*** Nominal power: DC5V

*** Noise: up to 40 dB

*** Removable network cover (for easy cleaning)

*** Low noise operation

*** Negative working power: 1 Watt

*** Duration: 8 hours in first gear, 4.5 and 2.5 in second and third gears respectively

Key features of Blaux Portable AC

The Blaux Portable AC Air Conditioner unit gets all its praise and accolades from its advanced features and options. Here are the best functions and abilities the Blaux Portable AC has in store:

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Elegant design and compact size

Available in multiple shades, the Blaux Portable AC blends well with nearly all surroundings without being unpleasantly noticeable. Its compact size makes it hardly noticeable when placed next to your desk.

Filters the air

The Blaux Portable AC functions both as a cooler and as a humidifier. Its built-in filter purifies the air you breathe, removing particles and germs that are harmful to your health. By using it, you’ll ensure that the air you breathe is as clean as possible.


This device is portable, which means you can regulate and purify the air you breathe anywhere you go. This is the selling point of this personal air conditioner, as you can move with it from one room to another. You can use it in your office or house. While the wearable version is restricted to your individual space, the Portable AC cools the entire room.

Sufficient running time

This cooler comes with a prolonged running time, which provides sufficient usage even if you’re not near a power source. Its battery can run continuously for more than a day, so it can still serve you during a long hectic trip.

Easy cleaning

During operation, the cooler attracts moisture and dirt, which can clog its mesh holes. Any cooling agent faces the same problem. Even so, the Blaux Portable AC is quite easy to clean, with only a piece of cloth and disinfectant. You don’t have to hire a professional cleaner so you can save on maintenance costs.

Power and charging indicator

This cooler comes with an LED ring embedded on its surface. This keeps you alert about its charging status. You’ll also get alerts when the device is fully charged.

3-Fan Purpose

The Blaux Portable AC comes with a built-in fan system that controls the speed of the airflow within the unit. This helps reduce the power consumption of the device. On a mild day, you simply need to set a medium speed to save power. On a hotter day, you can adjust to a higher speed.


This cooler embraces a low-noise operation policy, which ensures that it produces noise louder than 40 decibels (dB). Even as it operates, you can still concentrate on your office work or enjoy a restful nap without any sound distraction. Unlike other AC units that produce much noise during operation, the Blaux Portable AC gives you a noise-free service.

How does Blaux Portable AC work?

This new air cooler uses a small, rechargeable lithium battery. Using a USB cable, you can easily charge the AC battery the same way you do a smartphone. This can prolong the battery life, making the AC function even in the absence of power.

Additionally, the Blaux Portable AC embraces thermoelectric cooling principle, which delivers a cooling effect whenever it’s on. With DC electric current on one side of the plate and AC electric current on the other, the heated side remains in room temperature while the AC side of the plate remains cooler and gradually goes below the surrounding temperature. As air goes in through the vent, it is cooled by this effect, and cool air spreads through the space.

Finally, this portable air cooler is designed to filter the incoming air. It kills harmful bacteria and cleans the air, which makes it an ideal gadget for users suffering from dust allergy.

Why do you need the Blaux Portable Air Conditioner?

In addition to cooling and purifying the air around you, this device appeals to both young and old users alike, irrespective of their gender. Besides, it’s designed with a health factor in mind. It comes with a negative ion that helps reduce excessive active oxygen. This can have a positive effect on the user’s health. It harbors no refrigerant or ozone, which eventually protects the health of the entire family. Importantly, the fact that it’s portable gives it an edge over its competitors.

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How to use Blaux Portable AC

The Blaux Portable AC is quite easy to use. Once you receive the package, you need to charge it to capacity so you can use it anywhere. It takes several hours before it obtains full charge. On full charge, the icebox gets a few ice cubes and can start working. One load of ice cubes can deliver cool air for several hours.

As the cubes melt, they discharge a cooling effect on the surrounding air, which spreads in the entire space. Remember to pay attention to the battery charge to ensure that it remains sufficient. If the device runs out of charge, you can simply use the charging cable that accompanies the device upon purchase.

The following steps show you how to set up the Blaux Portable AC.

*** Step 1: Add tap water just directly through the slot indicated at the top of the unit.

*** Step 2: Put in the replaceable water curtain. One can last 6-8 months and is washable and reusable.

*** Step 3: Turn the device on and after a few seconds, you can start enjoying the refreshing cool relief. With a single refill, you can enjoy several hours of the cordless operation.

Where can you buy Blaux Portable AC?

This portable air conditioner is currently available online. It’s advisable to buy the unit directly from the manufacturer’s official website at, as this helps you avoid becoming a victim of unauthorized sellers. Besides, buying from the manufacturer’s official website gives you access to any offer that may be available for customers through that channel.

The manufacturer accepts several payment options such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and many more. Your payment is secure with a 256-Bit SSL encryption. Importantly, Blaux Portable AC is currently undergoing an ongoing promo, where you can purchase the product at 50% discount if you order today. The promo runs on a first-come, first-served based.

Closing Remarks on Blaux Portable AC

As the warm season kicks in, manufacturers of air conditioning equipment are ready to take the advantage of the user’s needs and maximize their profits. The Blaux Portable AC offers a timely solution that could save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. This product is already a hot cake in the market, with most buyers coming from the US, Australia, Canada, and worldwide.

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Blaux Wearable AC Review

Blaux Wearable AC is a personal air conditioner fan device that acts as a personal air cooling purifier. Here is all of the pertinent information dealing with the full consumer review on Blaux Wearable AC:

*** The Summary Box: Review of Blaux Wearable AC

*** Effectiveness: moves a massive amount of air at more than 1.9 CFM (cubic feet per minute)

*** Price: reasonable pricing, with options of buying a single unit, two units, three units or four units

*** Ease of use: one size fits all, easy to clean and maintain

*** Support: easy return policy

*** We like: 3 fan speed modes, 30 hours run time, and guaranteed quality

*** We don’t like: limited in-supply stock and only available online with minor shipping delays

*** Summary: Blaux Wearable AC is a high-tech personal air cooler and cleaner. Designed with the best quality components, it delivers a cleaner air quality and a fitting temperature wherever you go. Importantly, it’s fast and easy, ready to function right out of the box. This review guides you in making an informed decision and getting the most out of this device.

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Or read on to discover what it is, why you need it, and where you can get it. With the warm season already here, place an order for your Blaux Wearable AC today and enjoy the discounted prices.

Blaux Wearable AC Technical Facts and Specifications

*** Positionable airflow

*** USB-C charging

*** 30 hours runtime per full charge

*** 3-fan speeds

*** Delivers 1.9 cubic feet per minute (1.9 CFM) of air

*** Easy to clean and maintain

*** Antibacterial filters inside fan intake

*** Thermoelectric cooling

*** Ionizer for reducing allergens and pollutants

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Key Features of Blaux Wearable AC


There is no better place to start reviewing the Blaux Wearable AC than to go over all of the advanced person air conditioning fan device features. Here are the most impressive options that make this wearable air conditioner truly in a league of its own:

High output

According to the product’s official manual, Blaux Wearable AC has a native cooling power to move a massive amount of air. It delivers 1.9 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air, which is a good output for a device of its size.

What this means is that despite the hot weather, you can always have fresh air around your neck and face. No more sweating during meetings or at your workplace. With this air cooler, you can step out into the hot sun with confidence, knowing that you’ll still feel cool and comfortable.

Positionable airflow

Blaux Wearable AC is designed with a unique structure to give you the option of controlling it to guide the outflow of air in any direction you may prefer. This leads to an efficient cooling process.

One size fits everyone

Blaux Wearable AC embraces a universal size for every user. It comes with an adjustable strap that allows it to fit on any user’s neck. Regardless of your size or weight, the device has a wide opening that allows it to fit around anyone without falling off. Besides, it’s comfortable around the neck so you can have it throughout the day with no straining.

Multiple fan speed

Blaux Wearable AC was designed with the user in mind, knowing that the degree of comfort varies from one user to another. To fulfill the needs of different individuals, this personal air cooler embraces a 3-fan speed, which you can adjust to any level of your choice.

*** Low speed is recommended for cooler summer mornings or evenings

*** Medium speed is good for late mornings and afternoons

*** High speed is ideal for noon and during peak hours when the sun’s intensity is strongest

*** You can adjust to any level of cooling you prefer.

LED ring

Each piece of Blaux Wearable AC comes with an LED strip that illuminates the battery level and its charging status. Besides, the USB-C cable allows for easy charging after which the device can run for 30 hours.

Convenient charging

The USB-C charging is compatible with many other devices so you can even charge the air cooler in your car if you have the adapter. It’s just like charging your cell phone overnight.

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How Does Blaux Wearable AC Work?

Blaux Wearable AC uses a 3000mAh lithium ion battery, which is the size of a smart phone battery. The package includes a USB-C cable, which you can use to charge your device anywhere. Once fully charged, the device can run for up to 30 hours.

Another aspect of this air cooler is the thermoelectric cooling effect. It has a cooling plate with two sides. When a DC electric current flows through the device, it brings heat from one side of the plate to the other. One side of the plate gains heat while the other loses it. The hotter side is connected to a heat sink, so it adopts the ambient temperature, as the cooler side drops below the room temperature.

Once on, air blows through the Blaux air cooler across the cool side of the plate. This delivers cooler temperatures via the vents and finally to your body.

Importantly, Blaux Wearable AC purifies the air using the ionizer and antibacterial filter. There is limited information about how this filter works, but it generally prevents you from contacting pollutants and allergens. The filler can be replaced periodically to achieve the best results.

The ionizer, on the other hand, spreads ionized oxygen molecules (ozone) into the air. The molecules attract particles in the air, which stick to them and when they get heavy, fall to the earth. Consequently, the air is purified of the particulate.

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How to use Blaux Wearable AC


Blaux Wearable AC is easy to use. It is like hanging a cold towel around your neck. Here’s how you use it:

*** Simply wear the device around your neck, in a similar way you do with a neck pillow while you travel.

*** Once the device is in position, switch it on by pressing the ‘on’ button

*** Enjoy the cool and fresh air that follows

Price and where to buy Blaux Wearable AC

The easiest way to acquire the Blaux Wearable AC is through online purchase. Simply visit the manufacturer’s official website and follow the instructions therein. Currently, a single unit of this air cooler is available for $69.99. But you have other options to explore. You can buy two units for $139.98, three units for $157.48, and four units for $192.47.

These are already discounted prices because the product is on offer for a 50% off and free shipping. This offer may end any time soon, though we cannot exactly tell when. Take advantage of this opportunity.

Contact Information for Blaux Portable AC and Personal Air Fan

You can contact Strong Current Enterprises via the following:

    Email: [email protected]

    Phone (USA): 609-414-7087

    Phone (Canada): 778-300-0854

    Phone (UK & Ireland): 08708 200084

    Phone (Australia & New Zealand): (02) 8607 8316

    Mailing Address: 68308, G/F Kowloon East Building, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong

Final Words About Blaux Portable AC and Personal Air Fan

Both Blaux Wearable AC and Blaux Portable AC are already selling worldwide. The scorching summer sun can be very hard on your body, moods, or daily activities. You might not be able to get enough sleep too because of the sweat caused by the increasing temperatures. For all that, these Blaux air-cooling products offer the best solution.

Conventional air conditioners can be damn expensive and hard to operate. They also take up more space in your home. The solution for this challenge is something portable, easy to install, and cheap to run.

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