Blaux is an industry-leader of not one but three personal portable air conditioners; the Blaux Portable AC, a mini desktop portable air conditioner unit, the Blaux Wearable AC Plus, the souped up version of the third and final healthy air cooler product, the Blaux Wearable AC.

A comprehensive review is in order for the Blaux Portable AC as its extreme popularity and intense demand naturally warrants investigative research as a by-product of just how cool these personal air conditioning units have become in the summer of 2020. While the debate for the most popular personal AC units with portability and powerful thermo-electic cooling technology is still up in the air, is Blaux Portable AC the best portable air conditioner for personal cooling?

The focal point of the Blaux AC line up of products has been the portable air conditioner, with its neck cooling personal fan a close second. For the sake of not taking all day and night to examine the depths of how the Blaux Portable AC and Blaux Wearable AC work, consumers can enjoy a 50% off discount right now by acting today to receive the personal Blaux AC units for half off.

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Now, it’s time to fasten the seat-belts and buckle up for a hot and heavy trip to discover everything there is to know about the Blaux Portable AC and its neck cooling, air blowing fan, the Blaux Wearable AC.

The Complete Guide to Blaux Air Conditioners

Brand offering innovative air conditioners, Blaux has become the center of attention amidst the unbearable heat experienced across the globe. As temperatures continue to increase, individuals have been forced to step up their “keeping cool game.” Unfortunately, in many cases, temporary relief is only achieved due to either the constraints of traditional air conditioners or short-lived effort (i.e. drinking water, swimming, fanning oneself, etc.).

This can all be changed thanks to Blaux, namely the Blaux Portable and Wearable air conditioners. Let’s cut right to the chase, with the Blaux air conditioners, individuals can achieve cooling at their whim without having to worry about maintenance procedures, heightened electricity bills, mold formation, skin dryness or any respiratory tract infections to name the least.

The purpose of this extensive review is to inform consumers of the innovation that rests beyond traditional products. By introducing the Blaux air conditioners, one will have learned everything there is to know in regard to portable air conditioners and their overall practicality.

What is Blaux Portable AC?

Most Blaux Portable AC reviews online start with the what-is tech specs but the ready to win consumer of the summer’s heat battle is looking to get an order placed to receive the portable Blaux AC unit as quickly as possible. From the start, here is how the price chart looks like for the personal portable air conditioner from Blaux.

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Price: $89.99, as Low as $62 each

Blaux Portable AC is a rechargeable, personal air cooler trusted to provide long-lasting relief amidst the summer heat. Besides cooling as a function, this type of air conditioner is believed to promote high air quality thanks to its embedded humidifier. Most of all, its design allows one to condone the existence of heavy and costly air conditioners because the Blaux Portable AC is also cordless, compact, and lightweight.

For consumers aiming to cooling multiple rooms or even the same area with several Blaux Portable AC units, there is a steep discount when buying four Blaux mini air conditioners that drops the price as low as $62 each. The Three’s Company Pack brings each unit down to $67 when purchasing three, which is the most popular option.

What features/specifications does Blaux Portable AC have?

Many of Blaux Portable AC’s features and specifications make it an attractive solution to one’s cooling needs. Here’s an overview of what one can anticipate:

Portable: It serves as a travel companion as it can be easily carried from room to room or location to location

Rechargeable: The type-C charging cable is all it takes to charge Blaux Portable AC, which is similar to a phone charger

Adjustable: It has been designed to include three fan speeds and a variable louver to maximize the spread of airflow

Simple-to-use: It is as simple as charging the device and filling its top with water

Consistent cooling: Each charge offers a maximum of 8 hours of cooling (this varies according to fan and cooling settings)

Air filter technology: This portable AC increases humidity levels in dry regions, ensuring that one’s skin and respiratory health aren’t compromised

Refillable water tank: This device doesn’t need to be refilled until after the 8 hours (or earlier/later depending on how long it’s in use)

Replaceable water curtains: Though the water curtains can be replaced, with proper maintenance, this shouldn’t be a problem for at least 6 to 8 months

Noise free: Its noise level has been disclosed as being less than 50 decibels (dB), which is anywhere between human whisper and conversation

Runs on a 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery

LED Lights: The LED lights have been included here to alert individuals when Blaux Portable AC is fully charged or is running low

30-day money back guarantee

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Advantages Vs Disadvantages of Blaux Portable AC

Not all portable air conditioners are created equal on the market. Just because Blaux Portable AC is head and shoulders above any other personal aircon on the market today, doesn’t always mean it is the best – or does it? Here is a quick rundown of all the significant specifications regarding the advantageous versus the disadvantages of the Blaux Portable AC.

Blaux Air Conditioner Advantages

The advantages are evidently plentiful when it comes to Blaux Portable AC. For starters, it can be used to support cooling needs without having to limit individuals to a specific room. In addition, with just the right amount of charge, the Blaux Portable AC can be carried around hassle-free. While one might argue that a central AC can do the same thing without the need to charge or readjust it, such enormous devices usually consume far too much energy. Hence, electricity bills will become the least of one’s worries, as Blaux Portable AC consumes very little energy.

Another thing to bear in mind here is convenience. Due to its small nature, the only thing required of consumers is ongoing cleaning of the water filters. These are easily removable and can be cleaned in a matter of minutes. To prevent the filters from clogging, one can retort to distilled water, as tap water usually contains minerals and inorganic compounds. The Blaux Portable AC weighs 2 pounds with no water in it and is no bigger than the size of an average car battery. The product dimensions are 173mm x 151mm x 172mm.

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Noise is another issue associated with traditional air conditioners, which once again, has been resolved through the Blaux Portable AC model. Consumers can finally complete their respective work, while keeping cool and minimizing distractions. Finally comes the added health benefits. The humidifier is a great addition for those who live in very dry climates. To test indoor humidity, individuals are strongly urged to get hold of a hygrometer, which will show humidity levels in percentage. That said, the relative humidity for optimal relaxation and wellness is anywhere between 30 and 50% during the summer.

Portable Blaux AC Unit Disadvantages

As far as disadvantages go, there are very little complaints in regard to the Blaux brand. That said, the size might be a concern for family uses. Blaux Portable AC has been designed to support the cooling needs within small- and potentially, medium-sized rooms, hence it is unrealistic to trust that it can deliver equivalently in larger settings. Though portable, individuals should carry it around if and only if it can be placed on a flat surface. So, for those planning to use it in a car, it might not be as ideal because water might pour out.

In terms of actually purchasing Blaux Portable AC, this can only be done through the official website. Hence, Amazon, eBay and other online platforms are out of the question. Above all, supply is very limited given that these air conditioners have been selling relatively fast. In fact, current reviews have all given Blaux’s line of air conditioners two thumbs up, which is obviously reassuring.

Before closing the chapter on the Blaux mini AC unit with personal air conditioning portability benefits, it is important to elaborate and expand upon the inner workings of the ever-cool, smoking hot trendy Blaux Wearable AC Personal Fan.

What is Blaux Wearable AC?

The Blaux Portable AC is the darling of the Blaux AC family of personal portable air conditioners, but the Blaux Wearable AC has distinctions worthy of a brief mention given how these wearable aircon units are creating headlines this summer with their unique ability to add a layer of air cooling technology protection wherever, wherever.

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Price: $69.99

The Blaux Wearable AC, given its unique concept, universal creativity and uncanny timing, the Blaux Personal Fan is the neck cooler of the year so far. Blaux Wearable AC serves a similar purpose to that of the Portable AC, but instead of lugging a box around, it is designed in a horseshoe fashion so that it can be nicely placed around the neck.

With many desirable features that provide the ability to breathe clean and keep cool on the go, the portable Blaux Wearable AC is not only stylish, comfort and modern, but the high tech personal air cooling fan is also an air purifier that uses a high-potency rechargeable lithium battery, replaceable nano-silver filtration system and a thermo-electric cooling plate to activate the Peltier Effect to top off its built-in negative ionizer capabilities.

What Makes the Blaux Wearable AC Attractive?


If the features and specifications of Blaux Portable AC are out of this world, those belonging to Blaux Wearable AC are out of this universe. Here’s why:

Adjustable: It can be adjusted to match most neck sizes

Rechargeable: Also powered by type C charging cable, it is expected to work up to 30 hours

Antibacterial filters: These filters are said to help extend and, to some extent, prevent bacteria formation altogether

Positionable air flow: Again, individuals can choose how to direct airflow for optimal cooling

Rating of 1.9 Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM): This feature ensures that massive amounts of air are constantly delivered

Noise free: The Wearable AC has been rated as having a noise level of well under 50 dB

Lightweight: As far as weight goes, it is reasoned as being light since it needs to be worn around the neck

Protects hair and clothing: Its embedded technology prevents the device from sucking in hair or clothing for optimal safety

30-day money back guarantee

How to get in touch with Blaux Support?

To get in touch with the Blaux support team, individuals have the following options to get in touch with the Strong Current Enterprises Limited company:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: North America (toll-free): (844) 846-5344

United Kingdom and Ireland: 03308 082207

Australia and New Zealand: (08) 7282 2012

Company Address: 68303, G/F Kowloon East Building, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong

Are Blaux Portable Air Conditioners a Cheap Ripoff?

Despite Blaux being the most popular personal portable air conditioning brand in the industry this summer, there are many consumer complaints, concerns and skepticism that need properly addressed. There are reviews of Blaux Portable AC that cover the topic in depth about the Blaux scam research so far, but in a nutshell the common underlying theme regarding the legitimacy of Blaux AC units are the lack in communication about order’s being shipped.

However, after a little digging, it seems many of the earlier Blaux Portable AC buyers were not completely aware that the mini desktop personal air conditioner was merely in pre-order status all the way up until the middle of July. According to the official website where there is a 50% discount price happening right now on, when answering when customers will start to receive their pre-order product, Blaux customer service staff mentions that orders will start being received around July 20, 2020 and no later than August 17, 2020 depending on when purchased and located. Additionally, between the extreme seasonal demand of the new Blaux Portable AC air conditioner, and the mess that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, the shipping logistics and supply chain have had to work through many obstacles to stay afloat.

That being said, there are really no negative complaints about the Blaux Portable AC online yet. The Blaux Portable AC scam appears to be a hoax in which the skepticism is based essentially upon slow turn around times as far as when Blaux AC orders will be shipped.

Science Behind Blaux Portable AC: Peltier Effect + Thermo-Electric Coolers


Portable air conditioning devices are becoming more widespread by the day, as temperatures climb with no end in the near future. Every company addresses this solution differently, like II-IV Marlow that uses thermoelectricity. But how exactly do these machines work? What makes them an effective solution against the high temperatures?

The Blaux Portable AC Cooling Elements

In the coolers from II-IV Marlow, the inner design of each one forces them to be used as “a solid-state heat pump.” With the alternating semiconductors (N-type and P-type), they complement each other’s Peltier coefficients, which is typical of a thermoelectric cooler.

The Peltier effect is a phenomenon that changes the temperature as two electrical junctions transfer heat. This is the air cooling technology used in the Blaux Portable AC. The joined conductors then generate an electric current when a voltage is introduced. Heat is eliminated and cooling is introduced, as this current flows. The main purpose of this effect is for cooling, though it can be used for controlling the temperature or even bringing in more heat as well. To create these devices, the Peltier effect often uses solid solutions with bismuth selenide, antimony telluride, and bismuth telluride, since they offer the optimal performance for the effects.

All of these elements in the coolers are soldered together, helped between two ceramic plates. However, their ability to cool any space with thermoelectricity is based on how many coolers the device has inside. For the average thermoelectric cooler with II-IV Marlow, the coolers are attached by their sides before they are positioned between two metal plates.

When buying from II-IV Marlow, there are three different types of coolers – “Thermocyclers, Single Stage, and Multi-Stage.”

Absorbing Heat

In order to create cooling with these personal air conditioning devices such as the Blaux Portable AC, the current has to go through at least one pair of the elements. At the colder area, the temperature drops, which immediately pulls the heat out of the area around it. The heat is dispersed through the “hot” side, allowing the high energy to dwindle.

With a single-stage thermoelectric cooler, the most difference in temperature that can occur is 70 degrees Celsius. However, the Triton ICE Thermoelectric Cooler that II-IV Marlow offers can create a cold ambiance that drops the temperature by another two degrees lower than what the rest of the market had developed.

Why Use a Thermoelectric Cooler?

While traditional coolers may not be the best option for everyone, II-IV Marlow thermoelectric coolers like the Blaux Portable Air Con have their own set of benefits that can be much more helpful. The Blaux Portable air coolers are much more eco-friendly than traditional devices, as there’s no emissions or other toxins that the latter needs to run. Plus, since they run with less power (thanks to their efficiency and size), consumers can even cut down on their electric bill and save on energy wastage.

Some of the other advantages to using one of the II-IV Marlow thermoelectric coolers include:

  • Limited maintenance necessary
  • Long-term life
  • Effective in remote areas or “extreme environments”
  • Independent operation
  • Minimal noise

Final Verdict on Personal + Portable Blaux AC Units

Overall, both Blaux air conditioners are attractive investments because the creators considered all the flaws of traditional air conditioners and came up with their own twists. This approach led Blaux to offering two unique devices that provide utmost cooling experiences, promote healthy environments and air quality, while inducing comfort and convenience like never thought before. Who can forget the fact that both portable air con devices ensure that consumers actually make the most of summer, rather than focusing on how dreadful the heat is!?

Most of all, Blaux Portable and Wearable ACs can now be purchased by anyone of any financial standing because they are nowhere near the typical price range of $1,500 and $4,000. This inclusion sets Blaux apart from other brands, as it reflects their eagerness in supporting as many, diverse target markets as possible. Having said all that, it is important to note that COVID-19 has disrupted many businesses to date, especially postal services. Due to this, one can anticipate receiving their Blaux Portable and Wearable ACs a little later than usual. Hence, it might be best to contact customer service to see how this might affect the 30-day money back guarantee.

All in all, the market is ripe for portable air conditioners and the Blaux brand is right at the top of the charts this year. As the number one most popular, best rated portable AC unit, the Blaux Portable AC has exhibited best-in-class, one of a kind features that other mini desktop air coolers simply do not offer in one unit. The easy to carry handle on the Blaux Portable AC makes for a mini air cooling system that can literally make or break peak moments when the heat is seemingly unbearable. There is no reason to delay the inevitable, act now and secure a Blaux Portable AC and Blaux Wearable AC plus to start enjoying the fruits of innovation, technology and portable air conditioners.

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