From the small Texas town of Jasper , an entertainment company mogul was born. Billy Floyd Larkin Jr., better known as WildBilltheSinger, is a producer, beatmaker, and actor. 

After starting in public relations in 2006, Billy quickly became apt in producing media content for music, film, television, and sports. Billy has learned from the best – including actor classes from Nine9 the UnAgency in Houston, songwriting classes from Sarah Kelly Music School, and Taxi Music Publishing Rally’s in California to pitch songs. Since beginning in the industry, he has also attended many coveted events, such as a meet and greet at the City Winery in Nashville Tennessee to connect with industry producers, and I love music TTLO hosted by Owner and Songwriter Rico Love. 

Taking on so many facets takes countless ambition. In fact, this is the exact word that motivated Billy to start his business, Entertainment Public Relations Company. 

“Ambition was the first word to get my business started. My dream is to become a Billionaire Mogul, a Philanthropist, a Mentor, and to make a difference in the world starting with my network of individuals. I am a risk taker and I love to try new ventures in which I keep pursuing until I reach my goals” explains Billy.

When asked about what else motivates him, Billy always cites his family. The loss of his father in 2000 was the beginning of his songwriting journey. He also has a desire to meet his cousins from the Virgin Islands for the first time. 

“My deceased Parents made me promise to never give up or give in. My family and my siblings keeps me motivated and humble when I get too arrogant or cocky. My work ethic, my morale, and my imagination also motivated me to start my business or businesses,” Billy recalls. 

Billy also sites his musical inspiration as recording artists such as Jon B, Jesse Powell, Toni Braxton, and Jamie Foxx, as well as the songwriter Babyface Edmonds. His mother, grandmother, and their siblings would sing at church and around town during the holidays. Billy joined the church choir and school band at an early age, finding the roots of his musical career. In 2001, a year after his father passed away, he began produce with Cousins. 5 years later, he left their musical group known as Trends of Black Men to go solo. 

With a musical background, Billy understands that mindset is very important when starting your business. His mindset assures him of his value in his network and the world. 

“My mindset tells me I was put on this earth for a reason, and in my network for a purpose. I am oddly different from those in my network and my personality shines through most often. I know nothing comes easy and I have experienced thousands of disappointments, but I keep on the route to conquering my goals and dreams and aspirations. I am open minded about looking into the box as well as outside of the box. I am courageous, blunt, and optimistic,” Billy says.

With his own successes, Billy has lots of advice to pass on to those trying to start their own businesses and follow in his footsteps. He knows the key to starting a new success is try, try, trying again, and never giving in to quit, even when it gets tough. 

“Just freakin’ do it, Is my motto. Also you only live once, what is the hold up? Figure it all out and go for it as soon as possible. There is a vision inside of your head in which you are trying to get others to recognize. It may take years for them to see your vision or visions but you continue until you are able to interpret your vision. Stay positive minded and never let a “Dream Killer” kill your dream!” Billy explains.

Billy is working on an exciting new project, set to launch this year. Wild Swag merchandise will go nationwide, and then worldwide, to share Billy’s success with the world. He is also working on a new album “Late Late Bloomer” and music videos for his previous album self-titled WildBilltheSinger, which is also available on all digital platforms to stream or buy for all listeners. Billy is also making time to pitch his songs to artists through Music Gateway, Music X-Ray, CdBaby and more. 

Incredibly confident, Billy feels no need to differentiate himself from other musicians in the business. 

“I was taught to compete with myself and there will be no competition. My story and my work ethic of 20 years as an Indie Artist speaks for itself,” says Billy. 

Check out more of Billy’s work on his website or Instagram page.