The FDA has made some improvements on its policy for accepting blood donations from gay and bisexual men. However, these still fall short of equality between sexual orientations. Bisexual dating site BiCupid is educating and rallying support around the issue.

[ Los Angeles, Ca, May 23, 2020 ] — On April 2, 2020  the FDA updated its official guidelines to accept blood donations from men who have had abstinence from sex with another man for 90 days. This is a big progress, it was convinced that bisexual men and gay people are widely accepted by the society. BiCupid, a niche dating site for bisexual dating site with over 2 million users, is standing up and show support with this. 

Official discrimination and prejudice like the current blood ban can help embed feelings of distrust and worse towards bisexual men. This can have a huge negative impact both in behavior towards the LGBTQI community and in the self-esteem that gay and bisexual men hold who would like to do their part to help their fellow Americans. 

BiCupid shows full support with the FDA to use testing measures to screen for viruses, including COVID-19, instead of taking a position that prevents gay and bisexual men from helping the community. Also, BiCupid has released the Blood Donation Campaign and encourage members online to join in this activity and help others to go through the COVID-19 hard time. Free memberships to the site will be given to all who can show they have donated blood after April 2020. Only if the user uploads a blood donation certification with name and date, BiCupid will offer them membership bonuses.

“Of course it is important to protect the blood supply,” stated Lawrence, the CEO of BiCupid. “But sexual orientation does not affect blood in anyway. The coronavirus is a real threat and the health-care crisis is also something serious. All Americans should be encouraged to help through blood donations, including gay and bisexual men.”

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