For many people, financial stress is a huge problem in their life. In these uncertain times, financial stability seems impossible to the masses who have lost jobs to the economic recession brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

But in a crisis like today’s, thought leaders like Austin Zelan shine best. To the young finance coach and expert, financial education is the way out of economic woes and misery. “Effective money management is 10% skill and 90% psychology,” explains Austin. And with that philosophy, he has been helping countless men and women turn their monetary situations around for the better by assisting them to understand what drives behaviors, decisions, and emotions around money.

Austin Zelan started his career in Real Estate, helping families navigate through the intricate process of purchasing property. At that time, he was also a consultant for Microsoft, developing critical strategies for their partner network, which the company uses until this very day. The knowledge and expertise he gained through those years were instrumental in turning him into the successful finance coach that he is today. 

Austin is the founder of Westgate Fund, a wealth management and investment firm that helps existing and aspiring entrepreneurs establish their financial future by providing proven wealth strategies and opportunities for investment. The firm teaches everything from business planning, investments, retirement, education funding, and estate planning.

Compiling all the years and experience he has gathered since the beginning of his finance career, Austin has developed a 3-step process to financial freedom. The program helps individuals reach their outcomes by promoting a healthy and prosperous mindset towards money management. Part of the process involves helping his clients create streams of income from their passion, bringing them a way to discover how to “get paid to do what you’re already doing for free.”

The 3-step process is beneficial to all, but most especially those who are just starting as entrepreneurs. It also works well for freelancers, and sole proprietors where income fluctuates from month to month. Through this revolutionary system, people can amplify their money’s impact and even create opportunities to help others in the community. To Austin, money is simply a tool that people can use for the greater good.

Austin’s ideas and money strategies are widely accepted and make him one of the most sought after financial consultants amongst national publications. He has developed several unique  educational courses that fit any context and are beneficial for people from every walk of life. While many programs for financial education focus more on giving information and knowledge, his courses help walk students through simple step-by-step processes that can quickly be implemented in his or her life. Many of his clients have now created multiple streams of income for themselves and have learned how to leverage their finances and build for the long term. Austin also offers one-on-one coaching for those who are looking for a more intensive wealth-building consultation, working with each client directly until they have created new income streams for themselves. 

Austin’s greatest passion is financial education, but he also teaches on essential principles such as leadership development, relationship building, effective communication, entrepreneurship, business, and technology.

To learn more about Austin’s principles and educational courses, you can get in touch with him through his Instagram (@austinnzee) or Westgate Fund’s website.