People have a deep need to be seen and heard. This seemingly innate need serves as motivation for so much of our actions and behavior. As a fitness trainer, Anthony Crouchelli’s ability to connect with people and to help them feel that they belong in a group fitness setting is what sets him apart from others. Being the Master/Founding Trainer at Grit Boxing, he not only encourages connection but has created the avenue for it.

 Grit Boxing is the first fitness studio in New York City that has a full bar, allowing clients to interact with each other and build friendships through fitness after their classes. He has truly redesigned the Sweat and Connect method. He created a better, unique and high-class training experience. Anthony along with Chan Gannaway, a fitness industry veteran, creates the curriculum and leads in designing the workout of Grit Boxing.

Anthony Crouchelli is a former professional soccer player who transitioned into the fitness industry in 2015. Since then, he has become a household name within the industry.  Anthony has previously worked at top fitness studios, including Rumble, Barrys Bootcamp, and Equinox. His current association is with Grit Boxing, as well as Performix House NYC, and Team EXOS at Google. 

He is the creator of the complete 60/70 (™) workout plan. He has 10+ years of boxing training/experience. Anthony is a NCSF Certified trainer with a background in fat loss, body weight, strength, circuit, VIPR, TRX, and Sports-Specific Training. His other certifications within the fitness industry include FMS, Pre, and Post-Natal Training, KB1, Schwinn Cycle Certification, and Total Bodyweight.

Based in New York City, Anthony’s clients range from businessmen and women to theater professionals. He has developed partnerships with top theater programs throughout the country such as Carnegie Mellon, CCM, and NYU. This has allowed him to provide fitness training for students who are preparing for upcoming productions as well as Senior Showcase.

People line up for that one of a kind experience. Anthony currently has a 98% waitlist as well as hit up to 41 people on a waitlist and over 30 waitlists regularly.

In addition to his client base in New York City, Anthony also works across the country. He teaches seminars in various universities and his online training packages enable him to work with clients around the globe. Moreover, Anthony is this year’s Juice Generation athlete.

Anthony is looking forward to helping everyone reach their fullest potential. He is passionate about creating an environment where clients can experience physical, mental, and even social development. Connecting with Anthony Crouchelli Fitness is a connection that changes lives. In addition to the fitness classes, clients can also enjoy amazing deals and discounts from Anthony Crouchelli Fitness affiliates that are part of the Inner Circle. These affiliates offer services in photography, dance instruction, voice coaching, web design, business, and many more. Clearly, Anthony Crouchelli Fitness emphasizes the genuine connection between people.