The journey to achieving a dream is not always comfortable. Circumstances make it more challenging to be successful, but it is still a personal choice to do well and persevere. 

Anthony “Money Shi” Beverley was exposed to a rough life from a very young age. He grew up in one of West Philadelphia’s Mill Creek Projects, where he took to street life. He experienced a lot of trouble, including getting shot in the head and getting kidnapped.

Despite his life not being ideal, Beverley treated his experiences as a training ground and a chance to become better. He gave up his street lifestyle and moved on to being a devoted Christian. He ultimately decided to change his life and focused on the pursuit of success.

When he was still in his youth, Beverley used to trail alongside his real estate-focused grandfather. That was the start of his awareness of entrepreneurship and real estate. 

Several years after, he partnered up with his godfather Joe Williams, who is a doctor turned developer. Beverley took this as an opportunity to increase his knowledge about the business and hone his skills in communication. 

One of their projects together is the construction of Artisan TownHomes. The property consists of thirty-three high end and ultra-contemporary houses. After a long time of collecting the lands, demolishing the old and run-down houses, and building from the ground up, the project was completed in twelve years. The Williams Group sold each one of the houses for $900,000-$1.7 million.

This success led him to expand his real estate projects to the region’s public research university. The proposed building will be constructed on the Temple University Campus. It will include 400 one-bedroom and two-bedroom modular units. A parking space will also be provided for the students, faculty, and staff. This project might also generate over 900 jobs, which will be a great help to increase the revenue of a community where unemployment is high.

Aside from his fulfilling career in real estate developing, Beverley has also achieved recognition in being a leader. He works with a promotional company and lifestyle brand called The Money Team, where he is an essential asset to the team. The brand is inspired by the boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather, whom he met several years before.

Beverley’s road to success was rocky, but this didn’t stop him from being motivated to achieve his aims in life. The main thing is he never gave up along the way and kept pushing until he came out triumphant. 

Even with all the success Beverley is enjoying, he never forgets to live and be thankful for the little things. When he takes a break from work, he spends his time with his family of three daughters and a grandchild. He also takes the time to go out and inspire students by visiting schools and sharing the secret of his success — hard work and faith.

Currently, Beverley is an health care provider and Has established his very own Home Health Care Agency. 

Beverley is also focusing his attention on future luxury home development projects threw out  the city of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. 

Keep up with Beverley’s recent projects and entrepreneurial journey through his Instagram.