People in their 30s, more so those under that age group, are struggling to make a name in their field. The traditional path is to finish a degree, pay the debts, and get a competitively paying job, again, to get the bills paid. That’s why to be a thriving entrepreneur before hitting 30 is an achievement in itself. Jamaican-born, New York raised young CEO Alec Martin is one of the few to build multiple businesses at his age. His real success, however, is in helping others especially at this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Living life luxuriously is not what being a young entrepreneur means. Alec admits that age has nothing related to business, but still making it big early on in life is a valuable achievement. Degrees are not requisites for success. All it takes are skills and hard work to showcase your talent.  At 18 years old, Alec Martin has proven his skills by starting his journey to becoming a business executive. He began with a real estate development and construction company, One Umbrella Enterprise INC. He then founded Credit Is A Must, a credit repair company, and his recently established venture, Tranquil. He finds it timely to invest next in health and wellness through the Tranquil Store – CBD (Cannabidiol) Company. This enterprise on wellbeing will launch in Summer of 2020.

Before joining the list of budding self-made entrepreneurs, he first started his career with marketing, designing, and being a disc jockey.  Alec Martin graduated from Fredrick Douglas Academy VI in Far Rockaway, New York. His father who is a dentist and businessman are why Alec never thought of doing a job in life. Through the influence of his parents, older cousins, and brother he was sure, even from his childhood, that he would be the boss of his life. 

The role of young entrepreneurs like Alec Martin is vital to protect our economy. Alec’s risk-taking attitude is a good example for others similarly situated to find ways to recover from the health and complementing financial crisis. He makes himself different by going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure clients, consumers, peers, and anyone around is happy and satisfied. Even in this pandemic, this promising CEO is not losing hope in life. He is helping others to believe in their strength and finding new ways of doing business. 

Alec’s recipe for success is not just investing in multiple ventures and investing money at the right time. While probably unknown to many, he is involved in several philanthropic efforts by donating to charitable advocacies. This Jamaican, West Indies-born entrepreneur has already contributed thousands of dollars to the country’s efforts in addressing the Corona Virus – 2019. Part of his income also goes to the Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a medical facility for children battling cancer. People like Alec Martin or Astyle Alive as many knows him, with his many businesses, are hoping for the future that people will move forward with vision and risk-taking abilities. 

As we speak, the world is undergoing a trauma on a massive scale. Without vaccines on sight, we must turn our heads to initiatives that give positive impacts, no matter how small. Entrepreneurs like Alec Martin can be a healthy dose of help to our struggling economies. We look forward that more young financers like him continue investing in the coming years to help our finance system recover. 

Let One Umbrella Enterprise take care of your real estate needs through their website Build your credit score and improve your purchasing power with Credit is a Must: Learn more about the latest on health and wellness with Astyle Alive and the Tranquil Store-CBD Also, be sure to follow Alec on Instagram @AstyleAlive.