“Front line health worker Madison Polinori, BSN, RN from Illinois showcasing the AIRZAI Care Natural Disinfectant Spray 60ml bottle”

Fragrance has the ability to influence moods, attitudes and behaviors. It impacts our day-to-day lives more than most people would ever imagine. In fact, studies show that 75% of all emotions generated every day are due to smell, and because of this, we are 100 times more likely to remember something we smell over something we touch. As we are living in a new reality full of stress, anxiety and overall uncertainty, it is important to recognize these facts can have a significant impact on our increasingly prevalent self-care regimens. 

Airzai, a CPG based tech startup based out of Toronto, Canada knows the fragrance industry all too well. As a venture providing premium products that are transforming the way people experience fragrance, they have invested millions of dollars in R&D, specifically on understanding the impact that scent has in our daily lives, despite the general misconception that sight and sound are the most influential of senses. When the pandemic was on the rise and the world began to realize the potential of the damage, they immediately began brainstorming ways in which they could utilize their expertise and resources to help as a company. 

Immediately, the first demographic that came to mind is the healthcare workers, who are currently working tirelessly on the front lines to do their part in combating the virus. “We knew that the least we could do is provide a product to relieve some of this stress, for healthcare workers and everyday citizens coping with the effects of the pandemic.” said Muneeb Mushtaq, CEO and co-founder of Airzai.

The team then started working round the clock to develop a brand new product; called Airzai Care, a Natural Disinfectant Spray, an innovative and patent-pending formulation with all-natural ingredients to disinfect surfaces and air that combines the stress-reducing effects of aromatherapy with natural disinfecting elements.

“Our team worked tirelessly to develop, source, and bring the product to market in record-setting time. We began distributing the product within 6 weeks from the idea-inception stage, and immediately started donating to as many workers on the front lines as possible, especially the hospitals located in the areas heavily struck by COVID-19”, said Muneeb Mushtaq

One healthcare worker in particular who is an AIRZAI customer that we connected with is a nurse working in the emergency department of her hospital. The pandemic had taken her already fast-paced and chaotic workplace and amplified its frantic environment:

“Once I get home from an exhausting 12-hour shift in the ER, I have a few routines that help me to relax, and one of those is using Airzai’s natural disinfectant spray,” said Madison Polinori, BSN, RN.

 “As you can imagine, prioritizing mental health is more important now, for myself and healthcare workers across the country, than ever before. The calming elements of Airzai Care combined with the refreshing scent really improves my state of mind when I get back from work. This is exactly what I look forward to when I clock out, and the fact that it has all-natural, premium ingredients that won’t harm my pets makes it a go-to for unwinding.”

Although Airzai has reached its initial committed goal of providing assistance to these vital healthcare workers, the pandemic persists throughout the nation. Keeping that in mind and the current affairs in the country, Airzai has also recently committed to contributing to the Black Lives Matter campaign. They are pledging to donate an equivalent of one bottle of Airzai Care Natural Disinfectant Spray for every bottle purchased through their website to the black communities that have been affected the most by the current pandemic. 

“It’s no secret that the black communities across the nation have been affected disproportionately by the COVID-19 virus and if there is something we can do through our resources; we will definitely be contributing,” added Muneeb Mushtaq.

People continue to grapple with the effects of COVID-19 and implementing steps to improve their wellness routines is something that has not lost importance. Whether it’s simply burning a candle or using a fragrance diffuser, it’s essential to take into account the effect that scent has on our moods and behaviors. Especially in these unpredictable times, healthcare workers like Madison and people across the globe would agree that the smallest change in our routines can have an enormous impact.