Keto XP, an advanced weight loss diet pill with BHB ketones per the official product page, is a new formula that was introduced to the dietary supplement market in June of 2020. With explosive attention right from the start, according to the product formula this new ketosis boosting supplement, Keto XP, has the potential to not only burn fat for energy instead of carbs, which can promote the release of fat with the help of BHB salts, but also curb hunger cravings and help induce metabolic ketosis support ‘faster than ever’.

Even more importantly, it might also be able to help supplement ketogenic dietary requirements while accelerating fat loss at a greater pace than just practicing the famed keto diet. The Keto XP with BHB supplement utilizes the Beta-hydroxybutyrate content in the product to help kick the metabolic ketosis state into action and start reaping the benefits of burning fat for everyday energy instead of carbohydrates.

Found at, the ensuing Keto XP review will discuss a number of details that are necessary to form a proper opinion on everything the KetoXP supplement has to offer. To better understand these stated benefits, consumers must familiarize themselves with the Keto XP formula. The following research will outline everything you need to know about the advanced Keto XP weight loss diet pill, including the science backing the Go BHB Ketones and the company behind it.

What is Keto XP?

Keto XP is said to be an advanced keto diet pill plus rich BHB ketones support supplement that aims to mimic the effects of those participating in the ketogenic diet without imposing any actual dietary restrictions. This means that individuals no longer have to face dietary restrictions or extreme exercising. Much of this is deemed possible because of the specific components of the supplement formula.

Keto XP isn’t the only supplement making claims that users might be able to use it to lose weight without actually dieting or exercise. For optimal results, it is generally recommended that consumers regularly exercise and eat right as they take Keto XP for maximum effectiveness.

Keto XP Diet Pill Science

Keto XP pushes the body to turn to fat storage for energy rather than carbohydrates. Usually, with the ketogenic diet, individuals are forced to ingest more fat and minimal carbs. This prompts the body’s cells to go on a hunt for an alternative resource. By converting fat into energy (or in this case ketone bodies), your bodily system achieves a state of ketosis. When ketones leave the body, this indicates that fat breakdown was successfully completed. In summary, targeting fat storage helps dieters achieve a natural source of energy while also burning fat and losing weight in the process.

Ingredients in Keto XP BHB Capsules

Though the complete ingredients list hasn’t been released yet, the main ingredients in Keto XP are BHB salts, namely exogenous beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) ketones. This particular ketone type represents approximately 78% of all ketones found in the body. The problem in relying on endogenous BHB is that fat burning often requires a more significant variation in salt ketones.

If the keto diet isn’t followed as required, the body could be forced out of the ketosis state. This is where ketones are primarily formed. With exogenous BHB, however, the concentration of ketones in the blood is expected to rise. This is due to the body’s inability to differentiate between the natural type and those created in labs, so both sources result in the same effects.

Frequently Asked Questions About KetoXP

Keto supplements are common, and we continue to learn more about how the unique bodily state of ketosis contributes to weight loss processes. This section should help you by answering some of the most commonly asked questions about Keto XP.

Q: How do users supplement with Keto XP?

A: Given that each bottle includes 60 capsules, the recommended dosage for Keto XP is two capsules per day. This should be taken with at least one glass of water and when energy deficiency kicks in. For some users, this might be earlier in the day than for others. It all depends on your own experiences. Given the popularity of the Keto XP with BHB supplement, reach out to the company and ask directly if there is still any unfamiliarity on how to obtain maximum effectiveness and results using Keto XP ketosis booster supplement.

Q: What are the side effects of Keto XP Supplementation?

A: BHB is generally perceived as a safe and beneficial way of increasing ketones in the body. But because supplements like Keto XP haven’t been studied for extended periods of time, we recommend moderate caution. While the company behind KetoXP has not yet reported any complications or side effects, the changes imposed on the body could lead to unwanted, but short-lived symptoms. These range from nausea and vomiting to constipation and stomach-aches, among others. Much of these symptoms are related to the term “keto flu.” If your keto flu lasts for an extended period, consult your physician.

Q: How long does it take to see results with Keto XP?

A: Results can be seen as early as a week, or they could take at most four weeks. This depends on consistency, whether or not one exercised during the process, and if the keto diet was considered along with supplementation. The diet usually takes anywhere between four or five weeks to kick in, but Keto XP is expected to work much faster than that. Overall, results and result time will depend on several personal factors.

Q: Will Following the Keto Diet Produce the Best Results with Keto XP?

A: No, individuals do not need to take part in the ketogenic diet while taking Keto XP. However, the duo together can produce faster results according to the official website and may keto diet supplement makers. Generally it is recommended that serious dieters use a combination of supplementation, dieting, and exercise. Just remember, Keto XP is not a miracle weight loss pill and BHB isn’t an overnight fat burner.

Q: Who created Keto XP?

A: For any questions or concerns regarding product or order support, customer service can be contacted in the following ways:

Email: [email protected]

Call: 855-207-2283 (Monday-Friday, 9am-9pm EST; Saturday-Sunday, 9am-6pm EST)

Corporate/Return Address: Not Available at current time on official KetoXP website.

Purchasing Keto XP

The current price of Keto XP is as follows;

  • $69.97 each for the 1 bottle package;
  • $149.97 or $49.99 each for the 3 bottle package;
  • and $198.97 for each 5 bottle package

Many consumers are asking where to buy Keto XP supplements and there is only one answer to that; Interested buyers should note that the Keto XP free trial option is not available (which is a good thing for most buyers) and is only available on the official website. Avoid any cheap Keto XP knockoffs on Amazon or any other major retail platform.

There is also a no questions asked, hassle-free 30-day refund policy on the Keto XP with BHB supplement today.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Keto XP is a great supplement option to add for those looking to induce the beneficial metabolic state of ketosis.

Using the Keto XP with BHB supplement may also give users a bit more wiggle room as the weight loss product does not require users to restrict or monitor what they eat, nor does it force individuals to participate in rigorous physical activity to start enjoying the benefits. That said, both are recommended for best experience as Keto XP is meant to actually supplement the Ketogenic Diet benefits with metabolic ketosis support.

When considering its ingredients, individuals are only told about BHB. While it has been accepted as being safe for ingestion, there is little evidence supporting the safety or efficiency of its long term use. A significant drawback with Keto XP is the falsified Shark Tank claims found online. If still questioning the legitimacy of the newly formulated BHB ketones supplement, there are additional research points to consider connecting about “Shark Tank and Keto Supplements” dots to where there seems to be a clear distinguishment between the promoters of Keto XP and the official website/company’s doing. The amount of how much BHB is present per serving is unknown at this time, and may be crucial to a consumer’s range of options out there. On that note, individuals are strongly encouraged to contact customer service before moving forward if there is any hesitation.

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