During turbulent times, it can become quite easy to get lost in the world of fiction as reality can become a bit much to take in. Nevertheless, it’s always very important to remain in touch with non-fiction literature and also business-oriented books. Serial Entrepreneur & Business Consultant, Aaron Wilson, (@amwilson__) shook the business world with the release of his eBook entitled, “Level Up Pocket Consultant”. The eBook is jam-packed with information pertaining to sales strategy, marketing strategy, business model creation & evaluation, and also intangibles like leadership & team-building. It’s an overall tool that assists business professionals with making better decisions.

Wilson’s unconventional approach can be deemed audacious to many experts within the business field; however, his substantiation of the approach is what makes the digestion of this content so worthwhile.

While many may think the book’s usefulness is geared primarily toward entrepreneurs, there is a wealth of knowledge that would be germane to professionals working in Corporate America, from entry-level to the c-suite.

In the Leadership & Relationship-building section of the eBook, Wilson was bold enough to leverage a series of questions that were answered based on degree of severity, translate the severity quantitatively, then translate the quantitative value into a qualitative value correlated with leadership styles in a highly unorthodox but yet sophisticated matrix. Additionally, there were an array of invaluable “gems” that the daring author revealed while discussing “relationship-building”. One could find themselves subconsciously second-guessing his or her approach toward relationship-building (in a professional capacity) after reading Wilson’s thoughts and gaining a new level of self-awareness. 

The business model evaluation component of the eBook was strong & reminiscent of the thought process of a Venture Capitalist, which will certainly appeal to the discerning “Shark” who feels as if they know it all. The focus was primarily on scalability & minimal human capital, which means larger profit margins, happier investors, and overall bliss. 

The marketing strategy component of the eBook was very informative as key metrics & KPIS (key performance indicators) were focused on (but in a very broad capacity) & the impression-to-transaction cycle was made very simple. It would have been interesting to see Wilson dive a bit deeper into the execution of digital marketing campaigns as we live in an age where an entrepreneur is born on social media every day. 

Nevertheless, the most impactful component of the eBook was certainly the sales strategy section. Sales is an intimidating function and seldom do any professionals (who are not in a hardcore sales role) want to strengthen their sales acumen. Wilson makes it simple by delivering insight regarding the correct way to go about asking prospects questions and shares picturesque examples & templates of what strong cold outreach looks like. 

Wilson released this eBook on the heels of the February 2020 release of his first eBook with his business partner Kelvin “PJ Kev” Mensah. The book was entitled, “How To Get Funding For Your Startup” and it caught the attention of industry leaders within technology, venture capital, fashion, and entertainment. Philadelphia 76ers owner & business maven, Michael Rubin, took to Instagram giving the book accolades. While Hip Hop superstars, Meek Mill and A$AP Ferg, also echoed Rubin’s sentiment by sharing their positive thoughts about the informative book on Instagram as well. Tech guru, Delane, and fashion industry maven, Milano, were other advocates who urged their followers to proceed in consuming the valuable information available in the book.

While it seems as though Wilson is just an expert author in the making, he is actually a full-time Business Consultant and Founder & CEO of Wilson Talent Solutions as well. Wilson Talent Solutions (@wilsontalentsolutions) is a full-service business consulting firm, started with the goal of giving all entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals access to resources and information that successful venture capitalists & entrepreneurs have used to scale & grow their businesses quickly. The firm is primarily focused on providing business coaching to entrepreneurs & executives, executive coaching to c-suite professionals, business strategy, finance strategy, budgeting, marketing, career coaching, and personal branding expertise to professionals from an array of disciplines & industries who range in experience from entry-level to the c-suite. 

It seems as though 2020 is off to a very productive start for Aaron Wilson and we should be sure to keep a close eye out for any new material on the horizon. 

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