For a Totally Guilt-Free Soap Creation, Check Out 360Feel Latest Eco-Friendly, Hand-made Soap Collections, which are Exploding onto the Beautiful Bath Scene…

Everyone loves bath products, and bath bombs have been blasting into people’s baths with their delicious smells and skincare sensations, for quite some time.

However, as much as trends come and go in the world of beauty, and particularly bath beauty products, there is one ‘fad’ that is not going anywhere.

Chemically-free, organic bath bombs…

So, for bath bombs which can come in every shape, size, and color, for a soothing, relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable experience, everyone really must try out 360Feel’s fizzy fun balls.

Some people have never come across a bath bomb before, which are traditionally manufactured with a selection of hand-picked ingredients, that can that burst into life on landing in water.

Everyone is becoming more aware than ever, of the adverse, harmful human-made effects on the environment, and everyone is extremely conscious of the serious damage chemicals can have on the world…

So, at 360Feel, they are committed to creating men and women’s bath products which embrace what their customers’ lifestyle choices are, to give them an overall sensational bath soak, without the pangs of a guilty conscience attached.

They embrace whole-heartedly natural products which are far more appealing than chemical creations, and this has never been so apparent with the launch of their new 360Feel soap collection of large exotic bath bombs.

All their soap products are handcrafted, and they only use a cold process method of production that helps preserve the essential oils and efficacy of the other natural ingredients they use.

Not only are people becoming eco-friendlier, but they are also insisting on their bathing products being completely cruelty-free as well as using vegan ingredients, and so 360Feel has seriously taken up the challenge with their latest exotic bath bomb collection.

360Feel New Sensational Soap Collection

360Feel is delighted to introduce this fantastic new sensational soap collection which has the ‘wow’ factor for both men and women who take pride in their appearance and personal hygiene, yet without compromising their conscience.

So, for those people who want a bit more luxury than usual when they are in the tub, then this is the only bath bomb collection that’s ever going to be wanted.

Who said pampering and principles couldn’t mix?

Within 360Feel soaps, it’s soon discovered that unlike other soaps, there are NO eco-unfriendly ingredients such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate, as well as NO palm oil, paraben, or phthalate.

Just beautifully simple, natural ingredients which include the oils of olives, coconuts, soybeans, corn, hemp, organic shea butter, as well as just water and lye.

360Feel production process ensures that any bomb that lands in someone’s bathtub is environmentally pure.

This is excellent news for eco-lovers – just gentle, green products – superb for everyone’s skin and sensitive to the environment, as well.

What makes 360Feel bath bombs genuinely unique is that they use all-natural ingredients in all their products, including creamy cocoa butter for smooth, soft skin.

360Feel Mission

360Feel fundamental mission is to differentiate themselves from other natural soap makers by using a propriety cold temperature in the making so that the soap products don’t lose their naturally excellent properties due to heat.

360Feel fundamental aim is to ensure that nothing of value is lost in the making process – soap can be like an excellent wine as the longer it takes to mature, the better quality the wine.  Soap is the same – by taking one’s time in the making of it by using specific, timely processes, the soap is of a high-quality.  Nothing is rushed.

Quality over quantity is of paramount importance.

So, for anyone who loves baths, then they will enjoy 360Feel exotic bath bombs, which will burst into the bath and offer a variety of colors, smells, and sensations that will excite and satisfy everyone.

For whatever mood, there is a bath bomb to suit…

With over ten luxury gift packages, and with over 350 organic, high-quality flavors and ingredients, almost good enough to eat, these hand-made soap bombs are made exclusively in the good old’ USA.

360Feel bath bombs’ soap collections are indeed everybody’s guilt-free pleasure, chemical-free, and with no animal testing.

Another prevalent trend 360Feel has picked up on is that men’s beauty and bath creations are becoming more apparent so, we’ve embraced this challenge too by producing an exclusive bath bomb collection, especially for men.

Without compromising any of the masculine demands for man-friendly fragrances, 360Feel has produced a luxurious range of colors and smells any man will feel comfortable with.

The result is a superior soap collection, including the exotic smells of Bay Rum, patchouli, pine tar with charcoal beeswax, and island citrus.

The collections include:

  • The Men’s Soap Collection: 4 top-sellers of natural soap for men.  Attractive men’s soap fragrances (masculine fragrances) – including Bay Rum, Patchouli, Pine Tar with Charcoal Beeswax, and Citrus
  • The Floral Soap Collection: 4 top-sellers including Lavender, Lilac, Hydrangea, and Petal Dance
  • The Fresh Scent Soap Collections: 4 top-selling fragrances such as Aloe Vera, Cotton Blossom, Spring Scrub, Cool Water – these are unique fragrances to energize and relax 
  • An Assorted Soap Collection: for those who don’t have specific choices or want to try different scents.

So, whether treating oneself or giving a gift, these large exotic bath bombs, which look great in their packaging, and are only made of the highest-quality ingredients, are worth a look.

Special Gift Ideas

With Valentine day just around the corner, gift-giving is made easy with 360Feel collections:

  • Men’s Soap Collection – A men’s soap collection specially formulated by men for men.
  • Be Mine – Perfect gift-giving box with Romantic fragrances of 4 Bath Bombs and 4 handmade soaps
  • Forever Love – Perfect ready to give gift box with romantic fragrances of 6 Bath Bombs and 4 handmade soaps

Hand-made and individually wrapped, these are the perfect present for both men and women who love their bath-times.

Competitively priced, these little balls of bath bomb fizz are a must with their pleasant smells and moisturizers.

Using 360Feel range of bath bombs, everyone will not only get an organic bathing experience, but a bathing experience that invigorates, energizes, and makes everyone feel fantastic.

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