For those wishing to take their alcohol drinking experience to the next level, 24 Carat Gin, created by Liquid Gold Alcohol is for you. This drink is not just for anyone, but rather it is meant to be an exquisite drink made for those who are looking for something luxurious to have to drink.

“The luxurious distilling and distribution company ‘Liquid Gold Alcohol’ brings to the market a premium and exclusive product for the most discerning clients with the finest palate. 24 Carat Gin is a magic alcohol drink that combines an exquisite dry gin with the delightful touch of real 24-carat liquid gold.” David Connor, the creator of 24 Carat Gin, explains.

To say that Liquid Gold products are just for drinking is an understatement and not their intention. For 24 Carat Gin, in particular, the company wants to create an all encompassing experience that incorporates all of the senses into the drinker’s glass. The company’s time and effort that was put into the drink is what makes it different from all other drinks like it.

“24 Carat Gin has no intention of being just another alcoholic beverage on sale; the purpose is to develop a complete sensory experience around the product, as well as to elevate it to the status of an opulent and exclusive lifestyle standard. It constitutes a golden pass to enter the select club of the most prestigious consumers of the Liquid Gold Alcohol brand. Handmade manufactured at the exclusive service of the most curious tastes and clientele who wish to bathe their lips in authentic liquid gold.” David states.

The company’s key to success is their orientation towards details. In addition to the normal gin flavors, the 24 Carat Gin incorporates special flavors to enhance the experience of the gin tasting. Flavors infused into the gin include: lavender, anise seed, juniper, and many more. 

“The key to our success lies in the details. Our gorgeous blend of selected botanicals from around the planet is performed with perfect precision to ensure that the touch of flavour that remains deliciously attached to the sides of your mouth will make you beg for one more sip. Crystal clear waters and exotic botanicals collaborating artistically in hand-beaten copper still. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to distil pure 24-carat gold into our distinguished beverage. This divine flavour will be lovingly and carefully bottled in a unique serial numbered bottle, constituting a one-of-a-kind elixir ready to dull your senses.” David recounts.

For those who do not know much about gold consumption, it has been a new trend incorporated from old customs. Many ancient cultures have eaten and drank gold infused items for years, claiming that it had immense health benefits. Now, the world has begun rediscovering the joy of gold in food and drink.

“Gold has been used for consumption by the wisest and most successful people since time immemorial. In ancient Alexandria, 5000 years ago, it was considered a very beneficial mineral for medicinal and healing purposes. At that time, it was believed to stimulate the life force and boost the vibration level. Today, studies have shown that it is a unique trace mineral supplement with extraordinary features, which provides incredible value, significantly increasing the performance of our mind and body, and promoting a positive mood.” David claims.

With the success of the ideas surrounding incorporating gold into food and drink, 24 Carat Gin has been an incredible success and hopes to keep building into the future. They want to start a revolution in Gin consumption by offering something more to the field of gin and drinks in general.

“We want to unleash a social phenomenon on the Internet, that everyone with a desire for elegance, success or reputation wants to be part of the select club of consumers of 24 Carat Gin. Marketing influence is booming, and our numbers add up perfectly. About the image they want to project, our branding is clear. We want to position ourselves as a luxury brand, admired by all but within reach of few. Our references in the luxury sector are firms such as Louis Vuitton, Bentley or Rolls Royce. Elegance and prestige, in short, brought to the alcoholic drinks sector.” Mike Fowler, Managing Director of the company, exclaims.

To find out more about 24 Carat Gin, you can check out their website.